June 2023 High Yield Dividend Income Stock Picks & Stock Market Update | Ep.39

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00:00 Intro
01:29 Sponsor
02:35 Market Overview (Past Month)
04:15 Canadian Listed Funds
12:13 U.S. Listed Funds

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Covered Call ETF Investing says:

CALL has done something like 10% in the past month. While also paying a generious distribution.

Rob says:

I bought some HMAX and GDV today.

Randal Xu says:

Great video Adrian! 👍 I use the Stock Picks as my shopping list of the month, then buy a small amount each month. The goal is to increase my dividend for the next month. 😊

André Viau says:

scusi 🤣

Anche quando tossisci, chiedi scusa in italiano lolll Good job ! Always a pleasure to see your videos. Salut ! From Montréal 😃

Tanjina Akter - FreeLancer says:

Wow awesome👍❤

valveman12 says:

I'm buying SVOL and CLM every month, and it's working out great…
Also, more TSLY which is recovering nicely, resulting in an increase in the monthly dividend to 0.8033
I am watching ENCC, but not yet ready to pull the trigger on this stock.
Thanks, Adrian for another fantastic Stock Update.👍

Nathan Gregg says:

New to income style investing.

My thinking is that I would like to focus on a 'max growth over time' approach and then purchase something like HDIF with the profits and live off the yield.

Does it make sense to just have 1 all-in-one fund to keep things simple? Or should i pick several funds? Wouldnt more funds add inefficient management expense ratios?

Yemmy H says:

Thanks for your time. I just wanted to say I was a big fan of your monthly stock pick. Then, you were direct with 3 stock picks for the month. But now it seems like an introduction to almost all stocks in the market. This confuses average minds like mine. Hopefully, you can come back to your former style of stock picks.

Heath Prouty says:

Nvdy .74 a share aply .28 Tsly now at .80 and Oark back to .50

Chicken Charlie says:

CEFS also gave out a special year end distribution the last few years.

Tejqqq says:

Garbage and STF* in advance

Martmi29 says:

Loved TSLY distribution for June.

TWF Inc says:

I own hdiv and hhl.. no hyld, some hmax..

joanna patterson says:

SVOL is my favourite income fund by far. Very consistent.
I have most of these funds.
Owning the majority works out well for income investors since the distributions fluctuate.
Thanks for the update 🎉

Eric Kiefer says:

HYLD should reduce its dividend again very soon

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