How To Be A Passive Income MILLIONAIRE

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10 Mindset SHIFTS That High Earners Make:

What Is The Minority Mindset?
“The Minority Mindset has nothing to do with the way you look. It’s the mindset of thinking differently than the majority of people” ~Jaspreet Singh AKA The Minority Mindset
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social3ngin33rin says:

But Jaspreet, I'm too dumb to run a business.
This is probably the only way for me >_>

James says:

poor guy you lookin like you need some sleep.

Dividend Stocks Lover says:

I only make $3700 monthly average in dividend with a portfolio of $775K. How can you make $8000? Your portfolio must be a million plus 😅

la cha says:

Are any of these ethical investments?

Jefford717 says:

VIG. The most underrated dividend ETF out there. Not surprised it didn’t make the list.

FinGeek says:

In speaking of profit sharing, I was thinking about something similar when watching videos about the entire quiet quitting thing that hit the news a few cycles ago and the new "employers hate that employees are using gig work to supplement their income instead of spending that time doing more work for nothing" thing. So, my thought was to have 25% of the profit go towards a profit sharing program for employees (including board members). Depending on the size and structure of the business, the board officers would get a higher percentage of that while the hourly employees would get a lower percentage. This would incentivize not only the CEO and the board to grow the business, but also for the employees to also work harder to grow the business as they would be incentivized to do so as well. While the CEO would get a yearly bonus, the employees would get theirs on a quarterly basis (to align with reporting).

Andy anderson says:

What about AT&T and Verizon? Each paying out over 7% dividends.

Dave F says:

How is the grifter lawsuit going?
I heard Meet boy Kevin settled.

tresbb03 says:

I don't know what "blindly fulallow" means, but I always listen to Jaspreet. 😁

Adrijana Latinovic says:

Good morning,is it any chance to get private lessons from you from Zoom or any platform? I appreciate! Thank you

GH says:

Wow, never seen such a crazy barrage of spam comments in a single video before….

Moon Walker84 says:

For a majority of your audience it’s better for them to just invest their money in cash (money markets) with “guaranteed” 5% plus these rates will continue to increase. Always have a little market exposure with low cost index or etf … save the 12 month emergency fund and park into a high yield saving account and any excess should be invested into cash or a dividend-defensive instrument. We are heading into a recession… short term rates are high and risk-free and are going up brother! Take some of your profits now off the table. Remember you are speaking to masses and a majority people just don’t have the patience and due diligence to do what you are preaching brother

Elijah Prasad says:

JEPI AND JEPQ are the best ones.

ComedyWeb TV says:

Morning everyone, morning Jaspreet. Drinking my Coffee while listening to this at my Office.

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