Passiv: The Ultimate Stock Portfolio Management Tool? | Benefits & Features Reviewed

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00:00 Intro
02:10 Compatible Brokers
03:36 Connect & Organize Accounts
06:09 Reporting Features
06:58 Portfolio Models
09:41 Cash Management Settings
10:26 Goals Feature
11:43 ELITE Features
15:35 Get 50% off ELITE

Help everyday people to invest on their own, in order to create their own source of Passive Income to enhance their quality of life and reach Financial Independence

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1) To share my Personal Investing Journey & Strategy with the world. Everybody needs to make their own investing decisions. I am NOT against any style of investing and I will NEVER claim my Investing strategy is the “best”; its the best FOR ME

2) Educate you about Income Oriented Investing with a particular focus on Covered Call ETFs listed on the Canadian & U.S. Stock Markets

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Matthijs Bais says:

Thank you Adriano, do you know if the actual dividend yields are also visible in the program?

Lenna Dimaio H. says:

Well explained thoroughly 👍

David Warner says:

Awesome video, I've to be part of this.

Mike Western says:

Do you pay trade fee's through passiv

Lucas Andrew says:

📌 Nice video, love how you take your time to educate your viewers. You gave me the mindset to invest before my retirement now I have made profits over $110k Right now and still making more , I am enjoying a good life with what I made investing. Indeed ‚building a Portfolio income (investing) through a licensed investment adviser is one out of many ways to earn passive income , God bless you for giving me the courage.

off1tenth says:

is those also calculated in your monthly passive income?

Tanjina Akter - FreeLancer says:


Kevin Wilson says:

Still no Scotia iTrade being offered. I have played around with Passiv but must use Wealthica to get Scotia iTrade to work for importing. I guess I just don't get what Passiv offers more than Wealthica. The Elite features offer nothing useful to my situation. I use Scotia iTrade for family TFSAs and Wealthsimple for RRSPs and cash accounts.

JJPandie says:

I've been using it for the past two months and it's been awesome. Now I no longer need to long into the questrade to manually record my dividends since passive does it automatically and really accurately. Thanks for recommending it Adrian!!

Catherine Desilets says:

Thanks Adrian
I’ll go sign up for passive now …
If I have Questrade do I still use the referral link?

ddivadius says:

Finally RBC. Thanks for sharing this news.

Warren Hansen 3D Artist says:

Thanks for suggesting this and the discount. I’m signing up!

Davd ride says:

Anymore info Adrian You will be considered, aristocrat, info king. Great news I have td Waterhouse

Eric Foss says:

Is this more for a desktop?

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