Dividend Passive Income & Premium Bonds Monthly Report : May 2023

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In this Dividend Unboxing video I reveal all of my dividend passive income from stocks and shares and Premium Bonds Prizes for May 2023 as well as which stocks I’ve been buying and selling in addition to upcoming Ex-Dividend and payment dates. I make good use of a stocks and shares ISA so all my passive income and capital gains are completely tax free. I find dividend income streams highly motivating. Not only do I receive income from stocks and shares, but also from Premium Bonds through National Savings and Investments (NS&I). I have the full allowance of £50,000 and I use it as my emergency fund so I don’t have to sell my shares and I can let the dividends compound over time. The current holdings of the companies paying dividends in this video are as follows.. NS&I Premium Bonds (50k), British American Tobacco (9.8k), Aviva (5.6k), Lloyds Banking Group (7.9k), Croda International (7.3k), Greencoat UK Wind (7.4k).

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The Compounding Investor says:

How is your dividend journey progressing?

Shane O'Mack says:

Great video friend and congrats on that premium bond win.. our May dividends were brilliant this past month but June appears to be forecasted ( fingers crossed ) as our biggest month ever in our portfolio. We Thank you for that sir.. have a wonderful Sunday

Mr P says:

The snowball keeps growing. 🎉thanks for the update and very helpful insights as always 👌

Shawn Payne says:

the last month has been a juicy deep for many shares. I'm watching BATS as well but I am concerned that on the long run Tobacco industry is facing an overall decline since less people smoke cigarettes. Other Youtubers are chasing the AI X-Baggers bubble, thank you for staying strong and motivating with your videos!

Keir Hulme says:

I've been looking to buy into I shares UK Dividend etf IUKD as a simple way of exposure to UK dividends and with a yield around 6% which is very appealing! Is this one you have considered when diversifying into ETF's?

Porkchop25 LLL says:

A great month for dividends, i am nowhere near my overall target of averaging £1k a month but after hitting £880 this month i am really looking forward to the first one off month i break a thousand.

Lee Hurley says:

What I get in club card vouchers I put into TSCO it's slow going but nice to see that's all from the points dividends go back in too.

Lee Hurley says:

Great video again will DGE be on June's buys cheaper than it's been in a while I'm adding a few I had been waiting for them to drop though thanks for the video take care

Björn says:

best series in the world!

Knowledge Seeker says:

Recently added 300 shares of Vanguard VHYL and should get dividends end of June. VHYL have 3.78% yield and hope to reach 1000 shares in future

Knowledge Seeker says:

Absolutely loving it and your work is amazing ❤ wish you lovely day 👌

Levi says:

Another inspirational and motivating video, I hope you continue to upload videos like this! Congrats on your winnings.

Oh and btw excluding dividends what has your annual ROI been per annum?

G says:

What are your opinions on Closed End Funds? Do you have any in your portfolio?

LA Heating says:

Youre investing in Rolls and Haleon but on Trading 212 they both dont state they give any dividends?

Carlene Cayhill says:

Great video as always, what a stellar month….especially with that Premium Bonds win, congrats 🏆

Marek Ondřej says:

Please what do you mean by it's all tax free? Are the British dividends not subject to the 15% tax?

Scipio Africanus says:

Very nice Premium Bonds win, I was happy with £150 myself. Got my £1000 LISA bonus paid this month too. Keep up the great content 👍

Muzzy Arty Biker says:

Do you invest into a T212 pie, or individually into each stock? Thanks for the series 👍

Thomas Goldstep Finance says:

Enjoy these! I'm at around £150 per month as an average so roughly your 2011 average! Motivating to see where I could end up if I keep going!

David Koplan says:

How are dividends tax free?

olajide says:

Love the videos. I just hit my first €100 month. It’s amazing to see what can be accomplished with discipline and consistency.

Chris Palmer says:

Congrats on the £500! Amazing. I had £150 this month and £250 last, definitely feels nice to get those numbers 🙂

furb says:

everytime i watch this, it inspires me to continue investing. congratz on the premium cash!

beancount811 says:

My Sunday is complete! Well done on the PB win, CI.

Not much happened for me this week. Waiting for HSBC to pay out, so I can reinvest with the extra cash I have in the buffer.

Companies on my watch list at the moment: Watkin Jones, MP Evans, Central Asia Metals, ITV. Plenty of undervalued banks as well.

Macsidia says:

May wasn't a good month for passive income for me £0. Nothing from Premium Bonds either in May. However I did get £31.50 for selling a old broken iPhone 8 so I got something I suppose. Plus my £1K bonus for the Lifetime ISA for this tax year also arrived. I always find it very satisfying seeing all that cash being chucked in the box too! 🙂

Alastair Dickson says:

I’m looking forward to this month I’m getting £400 from legal and general. Should have £1000 in total.

Ian G says:

congrats on the win!!

Pbonds have been good for me recently. only nil we got were august last year and feb, recently it's been 75 march 25 april, 275 may, 250 june. really happy 😅

it's where we keep our emergency fund, but a full allocation

Unusual123 says:

Lloyds bank pay 2 dividends a year. You stated 4. Wrong.

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