£1000 Per Month Dividend Passive Income

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In this video I reveal my passive income from UK dividend shares for May 2020. Since January 2009 I’ve been drip-feeding spare money at the end of each month into mainly FTSE 100 companies. I am consistent and motivated irrespective of what the market is doing. I adopt a buy and hold strategy and always reinvest any dividends I receive. At first nothing much seems to be happening but it’s all about marginal gains. As compounding kicks in, your portfolio starts to feed on itself and the results can be absolutely spectacular as I hope to demonstrate in these dividend unboxing videos. There comes a point when even if you stopped putting any more new money in, it will still grow all by itself. I choose to demonstrate my passive income in this video with real cash envelopes as opposed to numbers on spreadsheets. I want to inspire others to consider a similar strategy and to experience the joy of growing a money tree. The cash is real just like this story is real. It’s one of the best things I have ever done. Sometimes simple plans are the best. Good luck on your journey in life whatever that may be. This channel is designed to help and inspire anyone who is thinking about creating long term sustainable passive income through investing in the stock market. With persistence and consistency Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) can be achieved. The companies / funds mentioned in this video and holding sizes are as follows, British American Tobacco (12.9k), Direct Line Group (4.9K), Lloyds Banking Group (7.9k), Aviva (6k), Greencoat UK Wind (6.4k).

Visit my main channel to see longer videos showing my journey and strategy..


Disclaimer The information presented on this channel and in these videos is for entertainment purposes only and is not financial advice. Your capital is at risk and the price of shares can go down and well as up. Investing in shares is not appropriate for everyone so please do your own research.


James Girvan says:

Lovely stuff!

Tech Yeah says:

All you need Is stacks of cash

DarkPurpleShadow says:

Investing is pointless without massive capital. If you are living pay check to pay check or saving for a mortgage depo Good Luck.

Isjdj 3 says:

Yeah but to get that much dividends you need to have like £400,000 invested.

DaveColy says:

I’ve been doing this for 30 months I’m still getting absolutely nowhere

Richard Baxter says:

How much you have invested please?

Chris Palmer says:

Brilliant month! Well done bud 🙂

Dantank Rules says:

I recently invested in smith and nephew and was wondering what your opinion was on the company. They don’t have a high yield but they are a dividend aristocratic so you might like them.

CurrencyCurrently says:

Commenting for the algorithm. Notice you're trying the Youtube "shorts".

Drew Burnard says:

Totally get why you did it this way….

But I fo enjoy the longer videos!

Abdullah Nasir says:

nobody pays monthly thats quarterly or yearly dont make us fool hahaha 😂

G P says:

Short and sweet good idea.

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