Passive Real Estate Investing in 2023: The RULES Have CHANGED

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Passive real estate investing has been pretty easy over the past few years. For most investors, throwing money into a random real estate fund or rental property yielded serious returns. But now, real estate investors, operators, and syndicators are struggling to find cash flow or appreciation. And, with rising mortgage rates, their enormous income is about to get eaten away. So, is passive real estate income anywhere to be found?

James Dainard has been investing for almost two decades, with thousands of projects under his belt. He’s wholesaled real estate, flipped houses, and bought hundreds of rentals, but now, he’s looking to take his foot off the gas with passive investing. James has three main ways of securing passive, profitable property income WITHOUT putting his cash at risk. In this video, he’ll go through the exact process he’s taking to ensure the money he’s putting into a property will result in passive income, not more problems.

Are you passively investing in 2023? If so, how are you making your returns? What are you doing to double-check the deal so that you get paid? Let us know in the comments below!

00:00 Passive Investing in 2023
01:24 3 Types of Passive Investing
02:55 The Rules Have Changed
04:07 What to Do BEFORE You Invest
06:44 Dig Deeper Into Deals
09:49 2023 Passive Income Recap

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Jason T. Taylor says:

creating another source of income in these difficult times is the best thing to do .not only does it guarantee returns, it also helps you plan and save for future expenses .it can be quite difficult to make an investment without sound knowledge or guidance ,which is why is advisable to work with an investment advisor

Nathan ??? says:

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Andres Mattos says:

Are all these mofos real estate/finance youtubers gonna put their hands in their faces?

Jonathan F says:

What’s BPO?

Aaron Broderson says:

Great information!!

Joel Rodriguez says:

A storm is coming and we all know, time to get ready.

Bryce Platt says:

Embarrassed for James having to make that face for the thumbnail.

Universe The Creator says:

Bro I'm in the PNW… what part are you in? I'd like to help you find deals. Let me know how incan help you. I'll do whatever I can to be around other investors like you.

Gilles de CLERCK says:

Great content. Can you put me in contact with JV opportunities? Tx

J C says:

I’m in Seattle, I would like to learn from what what you are doing.

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