My Entire 992K Portfolio Unveiled: $10,800/Month of Passive Income ≈12% Yield | Update #16

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00:00 Intro & Reminders
06:00 Broker Overview
08:25 Retirement Accounts (U.S. Listed Stocks)
24:58 Cash & TFSA Accounts (Canadian Listed Stocks)

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Our mission is to help everyday normal people invest on their own (DIY investing) in order create their own source of passive income to enhance their quality of life and reach Financial Independence (FIRE)

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Pintohh says:

Excellent info. Appreciate you, Adriano. 🙏

Lorne H says:

Great stuff!!!
It would great to see a chart of monthly portfolio value as well as monthly income. This would help show if income is increasing vs. value of portfolio.

Thought Criminal says:

As per DS, "Passive Investing" to me means buying and NEVER selling.

Marylou Walsh says:

Great video. Interested in your take on going from an all Canadian RRSP to having both a Canadian & US and now to a US RRSP only. I have both and trying to figure that out.

Canadian Dividend Investing says:

Great video!

Ed-Lyne says:

Txs for sharing Adriano. It's always a rendez vous not to be missed for me. Passive does not mean to do ntgh. Regularly, we have to analyse & reavaluate. Keep up the good job & have fun in Panama.

Javier Gil says:

Thanks for the update Adriano. What is the advantage of a joint Margin account over a two different ones?. I have a Margin account for me and another for my wife in Questrade.

Justanother Channel says:

This video was great like all other my fav has always been the portfolio un reveals. Topic I am so interested about is the tax advantages of being a panama citizen and investing into S&P/ TSX. Tax benefits of no longer being a Canadian resident and tax payer. This I think would help many viewers change their lives.

Chris Hanzek says:

En espanol?

Mr. Financial says:

Awesome job Adriano. It has been a pleasure seeing the PII method used in reality for 'retirement'. I'm still a good amount of time away before I transition some of my portfolio to PII from DGI. The CC strategy is a sound one for sure. I've been playing around with it to see if I can personally make regular income on it. I just hate the tax repercussions.

What is the tax situation in your cash accounts now that you live in Panama? Does Panama have a flat rate?

connectsjob com says:

Nice portfolio. No XYLD 😊😊😊😊
I see you have QYLD and RYLD.
I looked at all chart for all your holdings
They are all good but XYLD is probably least volatile of them all. Even though yield is low on it.

Randal Xu says:

Thanks for the monthly reveal video Adrian! Appreciate the openness and these videos are super helpful for us average investor to track our own portfolio.

Regarding 'DS', my thoughts are to keep it. Like you said it's pretty unique and has a good yield. Your portfolio is already pretty clean, so does not hurt keep 'DS' in case something better comes along. 😄

Eric Foss says:

Nice video Adrian. As always you've changed my thinking and my approach to income investing. I'm with Wealthsimple and unfortunately lots of income funds they don't offer. RA, USOI, none of your "niche" ones anyways. Also no drip offered by them. Any thoughts on switching to Questrade? Does a person have to sell their entire portfolio or can one simple transfer to a different platform? Please and thanks, Eric.

joanna patterson says:

Thank you for sharing!

Such a relief to have discovered your channel and income investing. My top 3 positions are CLM QYLD and SVOL between my RRSP and LIRA.

Got2Learn says:

It's very tempting to go all in on HYLD, HDIV and HDIF that's for sure, like you said, they have a split share yield with the ETF structure, but I wouldn't sell DS just because it has a good unit nav and it's cheap to buy, thanks for the update man, enjoy the sun!

Jeffrey McCumber says:

Great job! Thank you

dave nani says:

i find your portfolio is overly diversified which benefits of diversification diminish

Christopher says:

Quick question: If I use the dividend to reinvest in TFSA, does it count as contribution? If not, then I will just need to record how much I put in from my cash account? Thanks.

Goforitmanager says:

Awesome, I do like the clean portfolio.

bleek784 says:


Aaron Hall says:

DS…..To sell or not to sell, that is the question. I often think about pairing down my holdings and concentrating it in my favourite funds but I also like the idea of income from more avenues than less. It's always a toss up for me.

Maikelino Malone says:

You should try Yield Nodes 5-15% everymonth.
Thank me later.

Dan says:

My stocks arent paying their monthly dividends, that hurts alot

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