How I Am Earning $44 a day in Passive Income doing NOTHING!

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Here is what I am using to earn $44 a day in passive income doing nothing and how you can do it too if you’d like to!

Mining cryptocurrencies is easy, but its not cheap to get into and mining profitability varies wildly from bitcoin to ethereum to kadena and even on these respective coins how much you earn per day mining varies by mining rig and your electricity cost!

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Patrick O'Connor says:

So maybe $1200/month on $20000, semi-passive (not passive). 20 months just to break even (really 2 years if labor is included). Dicey at best.

Jonathan B says:

where you get them fancy lights

Richmond Legacy LLC says:

This guy's monthly electric bill must be ridiculous

Super Kami Guru says:

Nice fall guys music lol

asadayaan says:

lol $44 a day earnings probably dwarf the initial cost and the depreciation of those miners. Really not worth it

Mr. Yodi says:

$44 a day but how much was your initial cost for all those miners so you can turn a profit?

m t says:

I heard that ending…. $20,000 to get started and about $10/day in electricity. Still a barrier to entry, but getting closer .

KN592 says:


William Breeze says:

I need to step up my mining game 👍

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