Passive income Side hustle for Beginners | No Computer

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Hello friends! I AM BACK! You have been asking me about side hustles you can do without a laptop! Here is one that is super beginner-friendly, requires no experience, and is FREE99! I have never talked about this affiliate marketing strategy but this is a great strategy! And a Huge thanks to Lenovo for sponsoring this video! I’ve loved working on my Duet 3i so much that we’ve decided to give you a chance to win one of your own! Head on over to my IG for a chance to enter 😘
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Kat Theo


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Passive income Side hustle for Beginners | No Computer
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Cat Whisperer says:

Thank you! I will definitely do that. And, I am glad that you are making videos again.

Tamara Scott says:

Welcome back!!!!

stephanie west says:

Kat so glad you are back. Love watching your videos. Yahhhh

Damien W A Y N E says:

Lmao NEBRASKA!?!?!?!.!.

Javaria Siddique says:



Missed you Kat 😍💯🔥❤️☯️

Lulama Mhlongo says:

u dont hv an idea how badly u wer missed…..Welcome BACK South Africa is watching….

Stephen Resar says:

Kat, I’m glad you are back. I missed seeing that beautiful, vivacious young lady.

MojoLotto777 says:

Great video. Missed you.

A•Rye•Sun says:

Finally someone puts affiliate marketing in a sweet n simple nut shell, thank you gerl, you ROCK!!

KM R says:

How much is commission?

Andrew says:

Welcome back!! Really missed your videos. Keep on doing what you are doing. It really makes a difference.

Arden Marie McCray says:

Welcome back Kat!! I am so happy to see you because I know I'm going to get some good content, but what's better than good content?! Watching the bloopers!! I'm telling you, it makes me feel so much better knowing that you all just don't get on here and do a one and done every single time. I look forward to seeing more from you. This was very helpful and it's something I think I will be able to do..

Carolyn Vines says:

Happy you're back!

M T says:

Kay it would be great if you develop a video on making money online without showing your face.

Mr_Tilly_One says:

Welcome back…'ve been missed ……..looooooots-….. 😄😄😄

Kelly Mace says:

So ~happy~ you are back! Thank you for the Affiliate info & bloopers❣️❣️

H-Infinity says:

Welcome back ❤

Daisy Coleman says:

Great content here! 👌🏽

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