My Favourite PASSIVE INCOME Fund Managers EP5: Brompton | Income Oriented Fund Manager GDV LBS DGS

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00:00 Intro
01:01 Covered Call ETFs
07:20 Split Share Funds
23:03 Summary + Announcement

Create Your Own Dividend Passive Income Investing Portfolio.
Ideal for self directed growth , income , balanced investors, beginners and expert seasoned investors. This package is for you.

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Our mission is to help everyday normal people investo on their own (DIY investing) in order create their own source of passive income to enhance their quality of life and reach Financial Independence (FIRE)

Not a licensed investment advisor, videos are educational. The information in this video should not be considered tax, financial, investment, or any kind of professional advice.
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Patrick Bélanger says:

Thank you very much Adrian to bring Brompton to your channel. I love this fund manager. DGS is my largest holding in my portfolio (with GDV as well).

Rob says:

Thanks very awesome Adrian. I own SBC and GDV.

moresugar tradercc says:

I really like GDV too how is life in Panama

Kaptain K says:

Have three of them so it will be good to hear from the managers!!!!

Jay Nicegood says:

Do you love their website? lol

Pauline Durham says:

I am new to split funds. How often do dividends miss?

Adrien Desjardins says:

Really enjoyed this video. I've been investing in Brompton funds since 2002 and have a variety of them in my portfolios.

Grant Boucher says:

how is life in panama maybe a new channel about panama? i dont like instagram PII has been great for me

Mike Clemente says:

does it makes sense to own both DFN and DGS? i mean the yield on dgs right now makes sense own some No?

sid B says:

Thank you Adrian for this video! I can't wait for the split fund manager portion of your video next week! It is SOOOO important to put a face behind how these investments work… NO ONE in the ENITRE YOUTUBE environment is doing this!

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