Easiest Passive Income – How To Sell Digital Products Online

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0:00 – Intro
0:27 – Wait you made how much!?
0:43 – Digital products are easier
1:16 – $30k at 20 years old!?
1:48 – Lower costs
2:50 – Instant delivery
3:30 – There’s no limit
4:00 – Less maintenance
5:44 – Reaching the ultimate form
6:15 – Recommended platforms
7:36 – Marketing
9:39 – What if you don’t have an audience?
9:56 – The formula
11:34 – Time and patience


SEO Newport says:

marvelous presentation , thank you

Will Mayer says:

You are great man, Thanks for this kind of videos, they are helping a lot. I already created my wallpaper pack and will start selling this week. 🙏🙌

Nabibi says:

This video came at the perfect time! I'm finally taking the step to put out my designs and this was the right motivation to keep going with it & not doubt myself!

Abdul Wahab says:

Now we want another video on how to create your audience?

KGN says:

incredible lighting and grading, best in the game!

BomberTank says:

Enjoyed the video Oliur. Thanks for that info. I would actually be interested in seeing a video on your thoughts on what goes into crafting a newsletter. Always enjoy reading your newsletter!

King David says:

I think you should make a separate video on how to get started

David Liceaga says:

Great tips! definitely going to apply many of them. Thanks for sharing

blastav says:

Thank you for the video. It’s very inspirational

Cameron Boakye says:

I prayed for the day that you'd make a video like this! 😭


Please oliur how can I become a better YouTuber, because I speak English and they country I live in (Italy), speaks only Italian, I don't know how to go about it, in gaining audiences and also my YouTube is for aesthetic videos/app reviews/vlogs.

nav. jhansal says:

postive vibes thanks

Mrshan says:

thank u oliur

Wendell Shorteyes says:

I cannot express how good your YouTube channel is, thanks mate 🙂

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