Passive Income For Photographers WITHOUT a Social Media Following

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Today we are talking about ways photographers can make with your camera regardless of audience size.

1 on 1 Video Call (all my secrets to creative business)-
My Preset Module-
My Latest Book-

Passive Income as a Photographer (My Website)-
Money Making Photo Portfolio (Portfolio Website)-
How To Build a Online Photography Store-
Critiquing YOUR Photography Websites-
How To Independently Create and Sell a Photo Book-

My Clothes- Save 15% on CUTS-

Things I Use
Where I get my music (30 days free with this link)-
My Pro Camera Kit
Main Photo + Cinematic Camera-
Main Youtube Camera-
External Monitor-
Wide angle lens-
All around lens-
Favorite Photo Lens-
My Point and Shoot Camera (updated)-
Youtube lens-
Macro lens-
Memory Card-
Favorite Filter-
My camera bag-
Gopro I Use-
Computer (latest version)-

My Old Camera Setup (budget friendly + I still use it)
All around camera-
All around lens-
Great 35mm-
Wide angle-

Audio Equipment
Youtube Mic-
Podcast Mic (Mac or PC)-
Podcast Setup-
Favorite Head Phones-

Lighting I Use
Main Studio Light-
Main Color Light-
Portable Color Light (fits in any bag)-

Photo Books I Recommend
Saul Leiter: Early Color-
Stephen Shore: Uncommon Places-
Fred Herzog: Modern Color-
Joel Meyerowitz: Cape Light-
Bystander: A History of Street Photography-
William Eggleston, 2 1/4-
Stephen Shore: Survey-
Alex Webb: The Suffering of Light-
Magnum Contact Sheets-
Todd Hido-
West: The American Cowboy-
Texas Made/Texas Modern: The House and the Land-
Sleepless in Soho-
William Eggleston: The Democratic Forest: Selected Works-


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Evan Ranft says:

Let me know in the comments if you liked me adding the photography footage while I was talking. If you did I'll continue adding it to more discussion based videos like this one. Hope this one helps you out and gets the ideas going! Thanks for watching!

Awais Wattoo says:

This is hands down the best "passive income" for photographers video I've seen! The average person can't sell presets, or already has a huge social media following, so this is great for the rest of us who are still growing, thanks Evan 🙂

Mat Bodhi says:

This right here is what I was looking for, IM SICK OF S.MEDIA 😞😞

Raul Medina says:

Beautiful colors in your tat

lightstache says:

Dude, now this is a great example in itself for "adding value" – thanks for sharing all of these!

Jessica Joyce says:


Jacob Candanoza says:

The business help you provide in the photography space in my opinion is unparalleled🤙🏼 thank you man, you’re doing great

Skidoo22 says:

What's that line in Escape from Alcatraz? "Nice town, Atlanta."

Tianqq says:

good points! thanks! btw love the thumbnail!!

Tc Valdez says:

Love your content and insight. Keep the video coming.


I relocated and it's incredibly difficult to get a client

Judith McLaughlin says:

Perfect timing. Especially after my comment on the last video.

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