The BIG PROBLEM With Dividend Investing (For Passive Income)

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Minority Mindset says:

Get a FREE 10-day trial to Market Insiders – my investing education app:

Mark Perdue says:

For #4 how shall we do it in the spiraling market. I'm investing every 4-5% drop and reinvesting. Most of my dividend stocks are etfs (actively and passive managed). I know we can be seeing a 5-10 year down market and I'm willing to wait. I just want to hit the sweet spot and not invest to much on the way down.

Stephanie Lidstone says:

Not true in Canada. We are able to put $80,000 in a tax free savings account and do not have to pay any taxes on our profits.

Creative Cashflow says:

Schools should be teaching us this stuff not how to get in debt smh. Thanks Jaspreet

Greybeard Bass says:

Stock trading is betting. You can argue about that… but I have my own experience. I don't have time to build up a big pile of cash and appreciated securities to burn through in retirement. I started my dividend income strategy in 2017 and today I'm closing in on matching my SS income. I won't have to worry about the end game of outliving my money. If I live within my means then I'll be fine. Taxes? Sure, I'll pay the taxes for peace of mind. You are going to pay capital gains taxes on those appreciated securities when you sell them. They always get their cut… just a matter of when.

starwreck77 says:

I find dividend paying companies to be more prudent

James Goodman says:

Investing in Dividend stocks/ETF's is my default strategy but right now with growth stocks available at serious discount prices I'm temporarily halting my purchasing them and snatching up growth stocks instead. One has to know how to change one's strategy at an opportune moment.

Geekfreak77 says:

Thank you for the wake up call! I had fallen into that trap of the percentage grab. Always love your videos!

J V says:

I usually use Robinhood for a specific company history, growth of area coverage, its products, who owns it, when it was found ded. I like Drip. I LOVE owning companies even if it's a small price of it. "Buy what you understand " said Warren Buffet. I invest for the long haul to create generational Wealth for me and my baby 👶. It feels Great to make money 💰 while you sleep 😴 I also usually read 📚 from the Motley Fool investment people. THANK YOU JASPREET 😊

Albert Rivera says:


AlanNAlaska says:

When talking about dividend investing, it's not a good idea to base your picks on company, or share price, growth. In fact, low growth (but not negative growth) is preferable. The reason for this is the real potential in dividend investing is compound growth. The more shares you have, the more dividends you are paid, the more dividends you are paid the more shares you buy through DRIP. So, as an example, I buy companies with 4% company growth, but I try to get 10% dividend growth (CAGR) and I try to stay under 80% free cash flow with some exceptions like REITs and MLPs. Lastly, you didn't really cover yield. I try to get 4-6% (currently 5.98%) on my total investments which is really easy to do.

Danielle says:

Hi Jaspreet! Is it safe to say that if a company's share price rises over time, then the company is doing well? Or does the rise in share price means that more money from shareholders is being invested into the company? Or both? How do you know if a company is stable? I know you already mentioned some, but what are other signs that a company is on the verge of going bankrupt outside of reading financial statements? When they start closing some of their stores around the world, is that a sign? I guess I'm looking for a "rule of thumb" if that's possible 😅

G Fish says:

Lol I just bought my favourite stocks before this video

Andrew Fallon says:

Vym etf… 2.8% is less than inflation.

Mr. Me says:


cherl golja says:

Bottom line ,know when to hold them know when fold them 🎬

Tom Drummy says:

Dividend $ amount you receive is not enough $$

Vee Blessed says:

I am retired. I am more into maximizing dividends, as the market goes down, I take those dividends and invest them into lower share prices. At some point these will stabilize, and the market will go up(what goes down, goes up sooner or later). For those longer term investors, with a 10-20, 30 year horizon, I would suggest that set your price, and time horizon, and reinvest also into some dividend stocks which will accumulate over the years, and reinvest those, even if there is a "crash" and no soft landing. Hold a good portion aside to invest if there is a crash, never use up your cash reserves. No FOMO, no greed. Have a plan, stick to it.

Frannie Fargo says:

I’ve been investing for 18 months now and my quarterly 35 cent dividend income is really mind blowing.

Scarlet I thanks Cryptoworldcer on Telegram says:

When ever been working wit this man 🔝🔝I really feel amazed for meeting him is my saviour I really appreciate sir for the 3BTC

Tamayo1980 says:

Another great…
If you investing for long term, remember to vote. Proxy voting matters believe that… Yeah, they have an analysis for that, so vote..

Charles Riston says:

Just another scam. Keep Hustling

Badger says:

Who would’ve thought that companies write off taxes through dividends huh

night fangs says:

As you pointed out, this is my only issue with dividends, if you take the entire dividend quarterly payment and reinvest every penny back into the company why do you have to pay the government in taxes for money you never came into possession of, that's insanely irritating to me

Ace ortiz says:

ETF shares are good for dividends

Moksh Samay says:

Your videos are super understandable and your presentation excellent. Most resources give vague instructions without making the newbie understand how things really work. Retired and I have a couple dividend stocks, I am going to sit back and observe how this all plays out, adding more at a time.

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