Borrow $200,000 To Open This "Passive Income" Business?

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Borrow $200,000 To Open This “Passive Income” Business?
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Thomas K says:

I don't agree with all of Dave's mute button decisions, but 2:14 was appropriate. That noise, whatever it was, hurt my ears.

And New says:

My dude just finished watching Reyes The Entrepreneur and called in

Luis Vigo says:

Bad idea buddy

harleyharleyharley says:

200000 isn't even close to what equipment costs would be on a leased space for a laundromat…he would need another 300000… from a laundromat owner…not a laundromat YouTuber

Butters says:

This dude watched a TikTok guy who bought a laundry mat saying it is passive. The dude post about how me nets $9k per month. People would believe everything online.

Brian Edwards says:

He should look into MLM’s like PHP and Primerica

machinesnmetal says:

This guy should buy a lawnmower and a weedeater and a leaf blower and a small pickup truck and cut lawns for a season.

Stan Refermat says:

“Think about how stupid the average voter is, then realize half of them are stupider than that” -George Carlin

Alen says:

I understand not taking out debt to buy liabilities such as cars but i will never understand not taking out debt on assets that make you money.

D Woodard says:

I've thrown bucks at impressive stacks of documents called business plans, and lost. I've "helped friends to get started" and lost, HUGE!!! I've had rental income, and the busted fixtures, burglar alarms, and ongoing maintenance headaches to whittle away at the gains. PASSIVE is a lie.

ling lee says:

200k? Just take that and invest in stockmarket

Filiberto Rodriguez says:

<<I wanted to trade Crypto but got confused by the fluctuations in price

Raymond Wuelling says:

While not passive. Laundromats have an extremely high success rate. He can also hire staff in the future to do most the work

Joel Ma says:

Barely a minute into the call and we know this was going to be a bad idea. There is nothing passive in running a business.


This guy sounds like he met a guy at a party who told him all this stuff and he got excited.

Benjamin says:

Passive income, pshhhhh. Put in work!

Paul Marganski says:

Self-repairing robot washing machines… Lol

Brigitte says:

If you want to buy a business, go work in one just like it and see the truth. Find out the truth.

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