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GTA Online


Heyooo whats going on everybody my name is Tylarious! I make Videos and Livestream Daily! I play Rockstar Games, FPS, and more! The GTA Online Content I create are things like Legitimate Money Guides, Money Grinds, Business Guides, Car Reviews, Top Lists, Tutorials, Live Streams, and way more. I am your Ultimate Guide for Everything GTA Online!

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Beginners Guide To GTA Online:
The New META:

How to Make money for beginners:


Daniel Stevenson says:

If you use the arcade upgrade you can manage nightclub dj’s by swapping out immediately and not wait a hour or two. Yes, it cost 10k per hit,but once maxed out just stay on top of it. Enjoy.

AkumaRedGio says:

How do you disable the little cut scene they show when you switch djs at the nightclub

Brotha Neo - C.R.S.A Channel says:

"Semi-passive income". Little to NOTHING is FULLY passive in this game. Even that FLIMSY $2000 good behavior you still have to do SOMETHING to get that. The nightclub is more passive because even if you don't do the promo missions or anything else to increase your promo bar you still get paid. Just more like SNACK money here in GTA online IF you fail to do a promo lol.

DuceDuce489 says:

so nothings changed. I'd you want money do cayo

No Sleep says:

Ain’t nothing “New” about this video bruh 😂

GUR Dabs says:

If you buy/ swap out your DJs.. you are not really making anything cuz they cost 10k each and it will take 4 of them to fill up a bar. Just wait until 1 bar is gone do a promote nightclub mission which will take 5-10 minutes . The job itself only pays 3-4k .. but you saved 40k each time not having to buy the DJs.

Josh MacPherson - Bankss1008 says:

I appreciate you breaking it down for us Ty. I was curious how much I was pulling out of my safes, I just didn’t want to do the math lmfao. Always coming through. Thanks man.

solutionboytv says:

If you regularly go AFK for long periods, do it next to your open agency safe, with a rubber band round your joysticks. You will keep spinning and emptying your safe, preventing it from hitting the 250k max. If you are away for 24 hours, you’ll come back to 750k. Taking off for a fortnights holiday? Go AFK and you’ll either come back to several million, or possibly a burned down house, I guess?

Tom says:

Are the £50k and 10k from nightclub and arcade on ps4? Mine still only makes 15k atm

EK Hampton says:

Thought arcade was max 5,000??

Joel Mariano says:

Ty when you say the nightclub will produce $50K every 48 minutes, is this assuming the player has every business associated with the nightclub like Cocaine, Weed etc?

Notadistraction says:

An easy way right now if you want to play the game and make a lot of money is go to jobs rockstar created adversity and cross the line it’s times for cash and RP right now every five minutes if you wait for the full game to end and then kill all the other players he had 32.000 $

Diego? says:

Hey ty how does your nightclub not do that dumb cutscene everytime you book a Dj it does that for me everytime

kam m says:

You better star Making real life money guides soon lol

Jimbo says:

IMO nightclub have been the best for a long time

FlatSmack says:

I have all that and I get about 2 thousand an hour

CodeName SAMCRO says:

Is this for the original GTAO or the Expanded and Enhanced version?

Adam Kraemer says:

Is the ceo crates still good for grinders now even with cayo out????

Lil says:

GTA+: give us $10 and will give you 500k once a month.

The safes: I get you 250k-500k every hour.

Cory Grubb says:

Really?! I thought i noticed it going up by 500 only after every 6th one.

rafa montana says:

I hang out In a jet in the Grapeseed airstrip, then when I see someone promote there club I go for the easy kill, my popularity goes up for free as well as my kd

Mallak Juventino says:

Always very helpful Ty 👍🏻 It’s only ONE Issue with the Night Club? Everything is good and fine – But the Issue is the Selling at the Night Club at the Public Session. Just for this weekend when it’s Double and a lot easy money 💰 It’s Very Very Hard when I loading up to Public, to get an session with “Max’ 3-5 players to sell the goods from the Night Club! Everybody wants to sell it is full, with griefers and ORB etc Soon do I have full goods after this waiting Man

Hatedfuture says:

If anyone doesn’t know calling up Franklin mash x or a depending on your controller and you won’t have to wait the cool down for the security contracts.

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