Earning $1500/Month With StrongBlock…Crazy Passive Income For 2022

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Tactical Investing says:

Interview With David Moss: https://youtu.be/MlPO_7wqxH8
StrongBlock Website: https://strongblock.com/#
Create a StrongBlock Node: https://app.strongblock.com/nodes/create
StrongBlock NFTs: https://nfts.strongblock.com/
StrongBlock Calculatore (Click File and Make A Copy In order to Edit): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/193JB9rGKD3XeiafIGwy4la0auLpL5WvNhav1-6eDglQ/edit?usp=sharing

Jeremy DeJesus says:

I know you briefly brought up this project during the Ring videos, but you didn't go over it much. . .
Do you plan on showing Thor Financial some love? Thor is a NaaS and DaaS protocol, and currently have AVAX RPC endpoints. Plus they currently own 2 Fantom Validators. They've adapted and evolved so much over the past month.

Next month is the brand new contract, plus tons of new features… Might want to let the audience know about this one, before V2 drops.

Breakin Free says:

STRONG is amazing project.. have 4 nodes and gonna have 8 next month. Why would anyone sell? Keep compounding guys!!

stuntkojima says:

What are your thoughts on Thor Nodes?

Bene says:

i just setup a thor node

Shuki Haiminis says:

The best strategy for Strong is to compound 100% for at least 3-6 months if not longer then do 50-50 compound take profit

Achieve Aesthetics says:

i would like to see you make a video about titano finance, i think people are having trouble believing all that the coin if offering, it is 102 thousand fixed apy and rebases every 30 minutes, clear it up for the people that watch

Ryan Lau says:

$Strong is The Best crypto project I have ever done in the past 5 Years! Most likely the best in 2022!!

Fredick Lawman says:

$60,000 just in two weeks CHARLOTTE JUNKO WALSH you are so amazing.

Ivaylo Dobrev says:

Super, but was sold out now all plan

Evolutionify says:

Buy now or miss out. Eth strong nodes 💪

ago6211 says:

This is just like RING 😬
Be extremely cautious, this could crash any time spectacularly.

Revive your Soul says:

3 nodes at the moment 💰💰💰👍

cute animals says:

For how long can this be sustainable and giving out rewards?

Andi Burns says:

I bought Strong after your first Video about the nodes and it was a great decision. I love my nodes, but i have still no idea how it will be possible to pay out 1M Nodes. So crazy much money every month.

Ryan de Ham says:

Great informative video! I got my first node last month and the rewards are amazing. I think I will pass on the Polygon node though. I don't really like the decay.

Antonio Maldonado says:

Singapore? Are you using a VPN or do you really live in Singapore?

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