5 Best Passive Income Ideas For 2022 (Perfect For Beginners!)

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In this video, I’m covering 5 of my favorite passive income ideas for 2022 that are also perfect for beginners!

There are so many ways to create passive income streams for yourself. Hopefully, one of the ideas in this video helps you get started today!

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These are some of the best passive income ideas for 2022 I cover in this video:

1️⃣ Real Estate Crowdfunding

One beginner-friendly passive income idea you can try is using real estate crowdfunding companies. For example, companies like Fundrise let you invest in income-generating real estate with just $10! This is a simple way to diversify your portfolio with real estate and to earn quarterly dividends.

2️⃣ Crypto Interest Accounts

One 2022 passive income idea I’m trying is crypto interest accounts. Recently, I’ve been using Nexo to earn passive income with my Cardano. But you can deposits dozens of other cryptos with companies like Nexo, Celsius, and BlockFi to earn interest on your digital assets.

3️⃣ Dividend Stocks

One simple yet effective way to earn passive income is to invest in dividend paying stocks. You can invest through your bank or through an online broker, and the dividend aristocrats list is a perfect place to begin your research.

4️⃣ Real Estate Debt

Companies like Groundfloor let you invest in short-term real estate debt to earn interest. You can browse the marketplace to find different real estate projects, and you only need $10 to get started which is nice for beginners.

5️⃣ An Online Business

While this takes upfront work, I truly believe starting an online business is one of the best passive income streams for 2022. You can start a blog, YouTube channel, or try something like ecommerce or Etsy print on demand. Whatever you choose, you can begin outsourcing work as your business scales to gradually make it more passive!

I hope this list of passive income ideas helps you get started in creating new income streams. Just remember to do your due diligence and to consider your level of risk tolerance before getting started!

0:00 – 0:53 Intro
0:54 – 2:57 Real Estate Crowdfunding
2:58 – 5:41 Crypto Interest Accounts
5:42 – 7:27 Dividend Stocks
7:28 – 9:10 Real Estate Debt
9:11 – 10:55 Passive Online Businesses
10:56 – 12:42 Ideas To Avoid
12:43 – 13:27 Conclusion

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LR Options says:

I just found your channel and find it very informative. I just made a Youtube channel

and am learning alot so far. Thanks for your help.

G PL says:

Thank you for the video ! Super interesting ! I'm going to recommend it to my brother !

Tom Blake says:

I hope everyone has an awesome day! 😊 if you're trying a passive income idea this year, let me know which one down below! 👇 personally I'm going to focus on investing, Nexo, and online businesses/blogs.

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