🐸 Passive Income Cryptos to buy during dip | $TIME Wonderland Crashing | Crypto Portfolio Update

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$TIME Wonderland, Flux & StackOS Nodes FTW

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Sleepwalkyr says:

Only Real Degens At Heart πŸ—Ώ

GermanMeetsAsian says:


GermanMeetsAsian says:


GermanMeetsAsian says:


GermanMeetsAsian says:


Hisham says:

when you stake stackOS, are we able to unstake it at anytime or will it be locked for an amount of time? thanks

Mg Griffin says:

Just my opinion on almost all NFT's: I don't see why people would think this art is so beautifull xD Like these pictures of Dallas cowboys shirts is not really actually beautifull, it's just an image… not even to begin about the bored apes or cryptopunks. Just pictures….
Also: NFT means just that an image is your property, but this right of property is pretty worthless since everyone can just still use the picture however they want. For now NFT's are just all hype. Maybe in 10 years its something more, but I doubt it.

PS. Please don't hate me, just my 2 cents

Ahmed Almontasser says:

I think time is dead token now and you will lose with it

Newseef Genesis says:

Oh.. Still not forgotten the vxv.. Night mare…

twinzturbo says:

thank god I never believed in leverage!

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