The Highest Crypto Passive Income Possible

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Crypto passive income. Best crypto staking.
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This video tells you the best way to earn passive income with crypto staking.
I have been working on this report for a few weeks because there is a problem.. There are just too many options. There are far too many sites and coins to stake.. and there’s no resource that tells you the best place to stake crypto.

So I’ve taken matters into my own hands

Let’s rank the top centralized crypto staking and decentralized crypto staking to find the best way to stake crypto.

What is crypto staking?
Staking is the method in which a proof of stake cryptocurrency validates transactions on it’s ledger.. But how is staking crypto different than mining crypto?

Staking Vs. Mining Crypto:
Staking is not unlike mining crypto like Bitcoin except where Bitcoin uses physical constraints like electricity to ensure there are no fraudulent transactions… a proof of stake crypto uses your assets as a kind of show of good faith to help keep the system running properly.

Staking your crypto is about as risk-free as passive income gets because you’re not actually sending it anywhere and no one is borrowing it. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to make money online!

Your biggest risk with staking is your own human error.. Like losing a password.

In my opinion, staking is best for cryptos you plan to hold long-term anyways, if this is the case, staking is a no-brainer.

Best crypto
Crypto passive income
Top crypto passive income
Top altcoins

– 00:00 Intro
– 00:23 Why this Matters!
– 01:02 Staking Break Down
– 02:07 Centralized Option 1
– 03:01 Centralized Option 2
– 03:57 Centralized Option 3
– 04:35 Centralized Option 4
– 05:11 Super super super important
– 05:18 Centralized Option 5
– 06:38 Centralized Option 6
– 06:49 The DeFi Disclaimer
– 07:11 Decentralized Option 1
– 07:35 Decentralized Option 2
– 08:28 Watch Me
– 08:46 Why Such Juicy Rates?
– 09:26 Are These Rewards ACTUALLY Good?
– 10:28 In a Nutshell
– 11:06 My Stake Pool
– 11:30 The Problem with Staking
– 11:49 Have a Profitable Day!

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Max Maher says:

Note: staking eligibility for certain coins may vary depending on the laws of your country. For instance, Binance has many more options than

If you are interested in a better staking platform sign up to be notified here!

andrew r says:

please build it!

Fabian Musat says:

I think You should do a video Mentioning The FTM networking staking options ,reapar farm And trader joe . More difficult but the rewards are seggsy

dave smith says:

Hey guys, anybody know the best and safest place to stake XRP?

Ryan Chain says:

if people just buy crypto miners, the can become rich

Carrie says:

Any chance the prophet group would open up again?

Darla Meeks says:

Build it, and they will come!

Cabbage says:

I love how your videos are always neutral and analytic instead of mindless hype. All of my ADA is in your stake pool btw.

Chris Cross says:

great video and defi is always the best option because centralized anything goes against the whole idea of crypto

No Name says:

It seems like the rates are based on the most likely long term appreciation of a coin. IE BTC is 1% .. Shit Coin is 10+% So they use your coins value and dont have to worry about the appreciation of a coin like BTC

sajudafilms says:

Frog Nation 🐸

Robert Dareng says:

The fundamental reasons for the growth of Bitcoin ⬇️⬇️

-limited issuance(some of which is lost )
-taking a large portion of Bitcoin out of circulation (huge demand -no supply =growth)
-acceptance of Bitcoin at the state levels.
-Accumulation of a large portion of Bitcoin s in the large funds hands
(Bitcoin is a very interesting asset for them)
-continous dollar issuance (a variant of the fact that it's not Bitcoin that's growing,but the dollar that's depreciating)

DU3L CITIZ3N says:

Don't forget about Maiar Exchange and Flare Finance too.

Dan P says:

have some of my Atom(cosmos) on exodus getting 13.64% and the percent has been going up for the past month or two

Leandro Silva says:

Premium Public Service!

Red McC says:

Does anyone remember what the password was (from Office clip)…Lol

Metamorphosis says:

subscribed for good hair and good content

Roan Manion says:

Max if you build it we are with you. Your ground work and research is spot on and I look forward to seeing what you could create along with a "Maxcoin" (copyright) soon 🙂

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