WRAP YOUR MEMO ASAP! (Urgent Passive Income Update for Time Wonderland!)

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Link to spreadsheet! Just choose “make a copy”!


Hey everyone!

With the end of the year approaching soon it is going to be tax season and we all want to make sure that we are protecting our passive income and our crypto in the best way possible from short term capital gains. Luckily, the devs at Time Wonderland have made this SO EASY to do! It will seriously take 60 seconds and you can immediately protect yourself from any short term capital gains on your staked $MEMO and $TIME.

This is not financial advice and make sure you are doing your own research!

Binance US: shorturl.at/bqBL1
Coinbase: shorturl.at/yDJW2
SurfShark VPN: shorturl.at/gwBDG
3Commas Trading bots: shorturl.at/vwxJ6

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Brian Blake says:

This is interesting, but i have no idea what a MEMO is, or what wonderland is. I even went to this website and there is literally no description of what any of this is. Anyone care to explain or provide a link to more info?

Julian Flores says:

People aren't subscribing because of your content and How you market your videos

Araz says:

So if i live in a country that the money made using cryptocurrency is not taxable I don't have to worry about wrapping my memos?

isaac garcia says:

I wrap my sh it all day

Yury D says:

How do you even calculate rebase taxes? According to Panda and Koinly it is not taxed. There is no service can calculate it for you, I've tried and contacted them all, not even Wonderland can provide.
Anyhow, getting memo in October 27, by the end of the year I'm still in minus but getting closer to the initial investment (or wastement). So how can it be taxed if got no increase to my initial investment? Doesn't make sense.
If you comparing to dividends that being reinvested that's different since the dividends do land on your portfolio before reinvested, but not the rebase, it never leaves Wonderland.

KedeG says:

Video named as "WRAP ASAP" – there is no difference if you wrap or not, if price will go up u get benefits in both cases, if prices will go down you lose – same about APY and the results will 100% same)

Sathish Jamai says:

Help me out with some good ideas bro….!!!

Sathish Jamai says:

I have subscribed and hav turned on the bell icon …currently I hav staked 0.3 memo staked…hope so wonderland staking goes good …as time value has been down …I trust if it goes till 10k usd ..I can hav a great profits

dmcarstensen says:

It's debatable if rebases are taxable events. Crypto tax filing companies are actually saying, no, they're not taxable events here in the USA. This is because rebases are more like stock splits, which aren't a taxable event, because the total quantity of tokens increases. Rebases are not comparable to dividends because a dividend is a payment while a rebase is just a percentage increase of the total supply of tokens.

Meggaman says:

Am I missing something? Time wonderland is a decentralized protocol with no KYC meaning there is no way the government can keep track of who has what invested in it. How would this be subject to tax?

Psyonide says:

thanks for the video 🙂

So if we are wrapped in abracadabra, can/should we move it to the wonderland site? I would like to for the sake of tidyness, but would I get hit with capital gains while doing so?

Devial says:

Best explanation of wMemo I've seen.

Kyle Thompson says:

How do you unwrap the memo?

Abdul Majid says:

Might want to state it applies 2 ur country may not be the case for others

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