HOW TO MAKE MONEY THROUGH ONLINE CONSIGNMENT W/ FLYP, Passive Income Selling Clothes, Free Inventory

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I’m spilling all the tea on my passive income strategy using Flyp! I make passive income as a reseller by selling clothes using online consignment platforms like Flyp. As a full time reseller on Poshmark, eBay & Mercari, I need to use my time efficiently. I need to meet a high profit per item and Flyp helps me sell items that don’t fit into my reselling business model. I am giving you an honest review of how I use Flyp in my business and my strategies behind it. You might want to be a pro seller or a client and I will walk you through the pros and cons of both. Being a Pro Selling with Flyp is an amazing way to get free inventory for your business!

Download the Flyp App here (on Apple & Android):

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Faith Hommes says:

Thank you guys so much for watching! If you havn't tried Flyp yet, the link is in my description. I do receive a small kickback if you use my link! 🙂

Lindsay Nicole says:

Loved this video Faith and the way you explained the pros to Flyp from the buyers side while making passive income! 🙌 Also, congrats on your first sponsorship! ❤️

Debby D says:

Love this! You did an excellent job explaining the benefits from a buyer perspective. I’d seen Brittany’s video (also well done!) but it didn’t sound like a fit for me because I was only thinking of the seller’s side.

I have a disability and processing inventory can really take a lot out of me. I only sell part time but I’ve basically passed on thrifting because small (<$15) profits aren’t worth me wasting my limited energy when I go to process them, especially with all the photos and measurements needed for preowned items. I think that outsourcing that part makes SO MUCH sense! I can’t wait to put a box together and send to Flyp!

Quick question: do you know if you can request a seller? Say you had a great experience with someone in the past, can you ask for them again to sell your new lot?

Benjamin Dean says:

This is awesome, well done!

C Lini says:

I have a whole box of 30+ items that I cleaned out of my closet. It’s been sitting for a month. I’m too lazy to process that stuff so I think I’m gonna try this. Thanks faith and congrats on the sponsorship!

Taylor Bell says:

Looove this Faith!! Passive income is so important

Kari P says:

Just downloaded the app and applied for Pro. Thanks so much for sharing

Erroxx.official says: some motivation to never give up. its so true😢

Rosebernal765 Bernal says:

Excellent video Faith. Blessings!

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