How We Make $1M+ From YouTube – Passive Income Ideas that ACTUALLY Work

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A full breakdown of how we make money from YouTube, and the top passive income streams & ideas we use to generate over 7-figures ($1M+) in recurring income each year.

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How to get your first 1000 subscribers:
► 9 Tips to Grow a New YouTube Channel:
► How to create a YouTube channel:
► How to pick a Channel name:
► Keyword Ranking Tools:
► Thumbnail Ranking Tips:

Get started with Affiliate Marketing:
► How to START Affiliate Marketing for Beginners:
► Affiliate Marketing Tools to Increase Your Earnings:
► 5 Affiliate Marketing MISTAKES Beginners Make (that lose $$$!):
► Amazon Affiliate Program – 6 Ways to MAXIMIZE Your Earnings:

Email & Marketing Automation:
► ConvertKit (best for Beginner-Intermediate and ‘less technical’):
► ActiveCampaign (best for Intermediate-Advanced):
📕 Free Training – GROW your email list on autopilot with YouTube:

Growing YouTube Traffic:
► Keywords Everywhere:
► TubeBuddy:
📕 Free Guide – YouTube Ranking & Keyword Research:

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00:00 How to make money on YouTube
01:42 How to make money with YouTube Monetization
05:54 How to make money with Products
08:25 How to make money with Affiliate Marketing
13:11 How much we make / our YouTube Income Breakdown
15:29 How to make money with Email Marketing & Automation

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— Passive Income Ideas: How we Make over $1 Million per Year in Recurring Income —

‘Passive Income’ and ‘How to Make Money Online’ are, as you’d expect, incredibly popular topics – but a lot of the content is often trying to sell something, or questionable to stay the least…

That said, we’ve had some of our best income ideas from watching the “How I make $X on YouTube” videos from other creators & businesses, so we thought we’d share ours to show what has worked for us having tried and tested a TON of different income streams over the years.

In this video, Justin shares a breakdown of how we make money from YouTube at Primal Video, and how our business has evolved over the years to focus primarily on passive income today!

Check out all the gear we use and recommend at Primal Video!

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Social Media Trends Ph says:

Thanks a lot Justin for sharing another amazing tips and ideas ..😇❤️🇵🇭

Greater Alexander says:

Amazing transparency. Thank you for opening this up and demonstrating, Justin.

ifell3 says:

How do you go about updating links to eBay or Amazon that are in your previous videos that may have changed?

Make $700 DAY ( says:

Success is…knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others. ~ John C. Maxwell

Gavin Koh Aquascaping says:

What a great video with lots of strategic ideas. Thanks so much for sharing this with everyone! Us growing youtubers always glean so much from established channels like yourselves!

Adrian Salisbury Training says:

Really appreciate you sharing this Justin, I really resonate with your passive income model. 👍

Nakiah’s Squad says:

Thanks for breaking it down. I really want to do this but I’m scared I might not get it right. I’m definitely going to make it a 2022 goal. 😊😬🤗

blissieyou says:

What do I do if monetization is not enabled in my country?

Clown. says:

Where is your lamborghini?

Self Sufficient Me says:

Very interesting Justin! I learnt and confirmed several points from your candid behind the scenes vid. Cheers mate 👍🙂

ThreeTwentyTech says:

The one thing to learn for this video is to DIVERSIFY your income. If you have a full time job and that is your ONLY source of income, you are putting yourself at risk. If that source of income is gone, you will have no way to survive. By having multiple streams of income, if one source fails you, you have PLENTY other sources that can help get you by. If you haven't already, DIVERSIFY your income stream, you will thank me later! 💪🏻


I am constantly impressed by your performance Sir
Thank you so much for helpful videos
Justin Brown the Great

Google Tech says:

love from india

Roy Visions says:

I am your fan of making youtube videos from India….

Muni Eats ASMR says:

Thanks Justin.

luxury lifestyle says:

Wonderful ❤️❤️

Cherian Jr. says:

Css u ready just vv off in pretty on keep off parechi Farrow's CP post-secondary parallel hi off

Leah Njoki K. says:

Here to learn

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