How I Earn $15,000+ Passive Income per Month Staking & Lending Crypto

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In this video, we take you through an update of our crypto staking portfolio. We show you all the platforms, rates and returns that we get staking and lending our crypto.

► How I Earn Passive Income;
► Best DeFi Rates;

► Binance $20 off Trading Fees & $50 Bonus:
► BlockFi: Get up to a $250 Crypto Bonus:
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1:28 Celsius Lending
2:50 BlockFi Lending
3:44 Olympus DAO
4:31 Klima DAO
5:01 Wonderland
5:42 lending
6:01 Aave Staking
6:13 Nexo Lending
6:44 Kraken Exchange Staking
7:16 FTX App
7:38 FTX Exchange Staking
8:07 Solana SOL Staking
8:18 Raydium RAY Staking
8:34 Axie Infinity AXS Staking
9:07 Binance Earn
9:29 Trust Wallet BNB Staking
9:46 Terra Luna Staking
10:03 Anchor Protocol ANC Staking
10:33 Sythentix SNX Staking
10:54 Yield App
11:16 Exodus Staking
11:33 Rfox Finance Staking

♥ Louise Elizabeth (Every Bit Helps) ♥
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This is not financial advice and these are simply my own opinions, as such, this should not be treated as explicit financial, trading, or otherwise investment advice. I always recommend you do your own research before making any type of investment.


Surf Seeker71 says:

I have coins in Coinbase only, what platforms would be a good first start for staking?

Sub G says:

great video. do you by chance have a video on finding high risk but high reward cryptos like Wonderland?

Larry Fisher says:

Well done Louise Elizabeth! I always learn something from your videos and I'm glad you're still in the game after all these years.

Minden Barrile says:

Great content and congrats on your crypto success! Your videos are super helpful!!

Radu Sirbu says:

On your DeFi rates table the data for Binance is missing. They have decent rates also.

ETF Analyzer says:

excellent, thanks for sharing!

1990Cornetto says:

Thanks for the financiall advice

Trevor Dennis says:

Great insight video, Louise how much money do you put towards each platform that you are staking ?

rockytruth says:

Your content is so amazing. Please keep informing us and show us opportunities

Hector says:

Just found you –awesome channel. Thank you! What's up with their cheeky hidden commission fees though? The Coinbase staking commission fee is 25%. For staking ETH 4.50% – 25% = 3.375%. Every Bit Helps, right? LOL Any thoughts?

b00nsmoviesss says:

i see you have put in your "Compare Lending Platforms" Celsius at a 2.3% withdrawal fee. This is untrue. How can i trust the other information.

Geoff Bateman says:

As someone who has just started out using crypto I thank you for your clear explanations. I'm learning quickly thanks to your channel.

Paul Tool says:

Earlybird token is about to explode it’s a must buy

SppynktAK says:

This unbelievable. I never contemplated staking, dont really know what it is. Wow. Your so transparent. It's really appreciated, coz see first hand that it works and that you put your money where your mouth is. Comforting and gives us confidence. Thank you EBH 🤘 gunna look into this staking malarkey 😹


Text 👆👆 if you need help desperately

sarah gibson says:

Awesome, clear and succinct information! While it would be a huge headache for the majority of people to do ALL of this, being able to pick and choose applications to further research is GREAT! Thank you so much!

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