My $1 Million Passive Income Portfolio

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This is my $1 million dollar portfolio, focused around passive income, but which has seen its fair share of growth over the last few months..

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coocoocachooglin says:

Celsius stable coins are fucked for Texas residents.
Badger looking good since Celsius dropped rates on BTC.

C W says:

I have about 150k currently in Celsius already got my rewards. What's the best pool for Americans? I suppose I can use the gbp stable pool as well but I'd rather get paid in usd stable coins or equivalent. Beefy finance is what I'm using right now on fantom like mentioned before but do you have any higher earners?

A b says:

i dont understand your badger play…u first went to cuve and then take the lp and put into badger? I have native btc so that might be a lot of moving for those eth fees

Joshua Berkowicz says:

Great share! Would you still recommend any of these strategies now given the gas fees on ETH? Do you have any big bag plays on any other chain?

Jack Mac says:


teslaGT4 says:

What do you think of just depositing into anchor protocol on Luna for 19%? And then getting it insured for 4-5%, effectively earning about 15% in stablecoin UST?

k H says:

So how much you got in wonderland? Only a "small" experimental stack?

Abhishek Marwah says:

When you say locked CVX you mean locking and delegating votes to get bribed right? And not staking cvxCRC to get veCRV and other fees? Is there a good reference for whether it's better to stake as cvxCRX or lock/bribe?

Water May says:

I want to wake up one morning and find out that my portfolio is $4, 000,00.0 And I know is possible

Hans Meiser says:

But ser this will be 100$ per week in bear

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