INSANE Strategy for Passive Income with Blockchain

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Tyss 4D says:

Your way ahead of the class. I don't even understand how to use yearn..

Brandon Johns-Calver says:

Getting much sleep Gregg? Nah me neither 😴 great vid Mate

PoopsWithCat says:

Much better intro

Davy C says:

Your videos have great content, I just wish you would SLOW DOWN with your dialogue. I am a native English speaker, born in London, but listening to you talk gives me a headache.

What'sap-me➕① ⑥⑤⓪④⑧⑨⑤⑨⑦⑧ says:


Kenneth Castro says:

been here last 2019 when I was studying blockchain technology during my internship, you deserve a million sub! hands down man!

CryptoCurrency_Online says:

Your voice is so ready made 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Mathias O. Rauls says:

I am doing this today!

Timur Şahin says:

Please speak slowly. 🙂

Graham Conquer says:

When will I no I'm a BLOCKCHAIN MASTER I Mean I can shoot blockchain from the hip but I don't have a degree or that I do have loads of certified courses I mean a ton of them but nothing exactly saying blockchain ceryified I've even watched the MIT blockchain technology coiurse

Vladlen Vronsky says:

DeFi Trading Strats are like what Electronic Trading and Black Box trading grew to be since the 1970s. Incredible work, Gregory! Thank you! Glad to be in your group 🙂

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