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About JT:
JT is a United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran, Master Degree holder, Public Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, Social Influencer and Author. Above all, he prides himself as a follower of Christ. Being raised in a low income environment in the small town of Mullins, South Carolina JT has had his fair share of financial hardships. Through it all he’s persevered and now has built multiple brands for himself worth millions while also teaching others the most practical approaches to becoming successful entrepreneurs. JT’s business books contains lessons from his own life. Even his fiction novels contain elements relevant to present day society, and each book published carries with it an entrepreneurial theme. JT has changed countless lives for the better by being one of the best practical voices of reason, and one of the most simplistic teachers to understand as it pertains to teaching entrepreneurship through his books.

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JT Automations says:

This video will teach you how to research & create passive income assets and how to properly position yourself (or your business) to have an automated brand building and sales system to earn LONG TERM passive income!!! THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK VIDEO & YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO DO THE WORK 1st TO LAY A PROPER FOUNDATION FOR YOURSELF FOR PASSIVE INCOME BUT IT 100% WORKS BECAUSE I AND MANY OTHERS HAVE DONE & CONTINUE TO DO THIS EACH AND EVERY MONTH AND HAVE CONSISTENT PASSIVE INCOME FROM THIS!

Swan P says:

Hey I just wrote you an it made me make a leap forward w my business. I own a media company. Now to make it pay. Onward. Any step is a good step. We think we’re on the first step. We’re not. I owned media company for 30 years w no pay. Starving artist thing. But new media new opportunities. I got new camera today. Ima teach n give away for free like you….ehhhh… we’ll see😎

Mychal Neal says:


phillyohG says:

Thank You Family You are Appreciated

Nicole Cato says:

Thank you so much!

Londonk Hall says:

JT: Just Truth Swear 💯

Braundi619 HelloUniverse says:

I have to tell you.. You are truly a blessing. With all these mandates and my need to be my own person, I have gotten REALLY serious about becoming financially independent of any limitations. I've been praying and seeking, and here I am. I'm.gonna be off of work for the next 4 months and this is my chance to do all I can to achieve some form of financial freedom. Thanks so much for being for the people.

TequilaChanel says:

Real talk 💯💯

Nicole Cato says:

Never let your struggle knock your hustle 💗

Brenda Kaye says:

Thank you for video l lost my job like to get on my feet can you please tell me how

Anthony F says:

God bless JT

HuTha Gr8 says:

JT this that work.This is big gems 💎 and keys to freedom

kuski Y says:

Hey JT Automations, I just want to say thank you for making this video and believing in your self to let the viewer see this free video. The key to winning is giving. I know time is money but not everyone is going to make a move. Video like this keeps me motivated. Love the new ideas keep it going

hopeboy_beeks says:

Thank you sir!!!!

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