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Within the world of wealth building and personal finance, my favorite area of it all is passive income! When you can put yourself and your finances in a situation where you are making money while you sleep, it almost sounds too good to be true! The awesome fact is, it is not too good to be true! With the right plan and strategy you can literally construct situations where your personal wealth is growing with you doing nothing other than waiting (and sleeping!). Here’s the catch though. You do need to have money in the first place. The other catch is, you might need to make some short term sacrifices. Instead of using money you have to buy a vacation or fancy car, you’ll need to use that money to buy passive income. It can seem like a tough decision, and it is; however, as someone with personal experience in the power of passive income, I promise you that you’ll be happy with your decision to buy the passive income. The other good news is, there are some very quick ways to buy passive income that everyone can do. In this world of the internet and technology, access to the world of passive income is just a few mouse clicks away! Let me share with you the quickest way to buy passive income so you can begin to generate your financial freedom!

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JT says:

Id love to buy a shirt. But im here in Canada

Juan Olivares says:

Can you give us your point of view on IPO'S in a video. Thanks

Сергей Волков says:

I'll be pleased to get t shirt in Russia….

Battlefield Curator says:

Simple and informative video Clay! Interesting how I found your old gun channel a few months ago. I’m curious, what were the reasons you stopped posting to your gun channel?

Michael says:

For my boys out there, pretend to be a woman online and sell feet picks and dirty socks to wierdis.

Michael says:

For all ladies out there, get knocked up by someone and steal 36% of their income in the form of court ordered child support. Do that a couple of times with different guys; children are the perfect weapon when you're a narcissist… Be careful, boys…

S.U says:

Thank you 😊

Jamie Howsam says:

I use my pc to mine btc when im not using it, giving me around $3 a day. not a lot but is scalable

Timilehin Ogunnusi says:

Can you please add the link to the recommended brokers for buying stocks

Peter Luu says:

I believe best way is buy crypto and stake them. Unfortunately, the greedy politicians and their bank backers wont allow competion 💁‍♂️ SEC is the biggest enemy of investor at the moment

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