How To Buy and Stake KLIMA Dao For Passive Income

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In this video I do a step by step on how to buy Klima Dao as well as how much I’ve made or lost in my first two weeks of investing. This is a project that uses Dao’s and game theory to decrease the price of carbon reducing assets while accelerating the appreciation of carbon assets.

You can download the spreadsheet I use here going over profits

Intro – 0:00-2:10

Step 1 – Download Metamask 2:11 – 2:23

Step 2 – Add the Matic Network to Metamask 2:24 – 3:05

Step 3 – Buy USDT on Kucoin – 3:06 – 3:51

Step 4 – Purchase Matic – 3:57 – 4:56

Step 5 – Withdraw Matic From Kucoin – 4:58 – 6:28
If you can’t purchase from Kucoin

Step 1 – Get Funds from your bank into Gemini – 6:43 – 6:54

Step 2 – Purchase Ethereum for Polygon Bridge – 6:54 – 7:17

Step 3 – Purchase Matic – 7:17 – 7:38

Step 4 – Transfer Matic and Ethereum out of gemini 7:41 – 8:35

Step 5 – Use the Polygon Bridge – 8:36 – 9:36

Step 6 – Understanding Ethereum Gas Fees 9:37 – 10:40

Step 7 – Transferring Matic Over the Polygon Bridge – 10:41 – 12:40


Purchasing Klima Dao 12:38 – 13:45

Staking Klima Dao – 13:43 – 14:34

How Much Did I Make/Lose – 14:38 – 15:00

Links in order of the video

Metamask –

Matic Network –

Kucoin –

Gemini –

Polygon Bridge –

Klima Dao on Coinmarketcap –

Klima Dao Website –


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Disclaimer: This is not financial advise. Please do your own research. The information was accurate at the time of publishing.


Kris McCauley says:

Here is the sheet you can download to set up your profit and loss calculations

Sohail Aquib says:

Good video kris can you put up a video showing how to buy node pzz..

Julian Pico says:

Hey, really enjoying your content, just found your channel a couple of days ago! Still new to the crypto space, but I'd like to think I'm picking it up fast. So, for someone who is based in the US and cannot purchase USDT on Kucoin, I was able to transfer funds from my binance wallet to kucoin. Is transferring and exchanging okay to do to get matic on Kucoin? Would doing any transaction on Kucoin put me at risk of having my assets frozen? Would like to avoid gas fees and fees in general. Thanks!


Can this be done on iPhone?

TheAlarrainf says:

Thanks for the video man! I don’t know why, but I get an error, when trying to stake. I have Matic for gas fees and Klima. I don’t know what else to do. I can’t even swap back Klima to Matic.

Melvin Jackson says:

Great project my 2.2 klima has already turned into 2.7 after 1 week!

G-Bradley says:

Thank you for the step by step guide.
I’ve managed to follow and set myself up with Klima staking..👍🏻🇬🇧💰💥

Jimcollectcards says:

You’re amazing thanks for all the help!

Vinícius Braga says:

Another bang ! Thanks for the content man. Since you have the professional researcher, what y’all think about Copycat ?

farnio says:

How are these thousands % of APY not scams? I still don't get how they work. Like where is the money coming from and how is it not a Ponzi scheme?

Clodomiro Ramirez says:

what do you think about snowbank dao?

jeff rader says:

Can I have a Kucoin account if I live in the USA?

Danny L says:

For tax time, how do you calculate and keep track of your income amounts or cost basis since its compounding 3 times per day?

Lucas Mattelet says:

when you stake it does it show O klima in your metamask ? and when you unstake it you can see it back ?

Ronald A says:

Maybe a way to find good NFT projects I fail to understand what is a good road map for this projects or how to spot them cuz the nft market is only gonna keep growing and the profits are promising but the risk is greater aswell.

Its Reality says:

How is wiring and paying 25 bucks cheaper lol

Francis Delegado says:

I am seeking some investment guidance. It seems like I am never able to identify trends, options always go against me, and I can't utilize scanners efficiently. I am looking for a simple reproducible passive income strategy that supplements my income and eventually replace my wage income.

Godhakz11 says:

☝️☝️☝️”Thanks to him I got a new house 🏡 and a new car 🚗 ⚜️

Godhakz11 says:

☝️☝️☝️”Thanks to him I got a new house 🏡 and a new car 🚗 ⚜️

Godhakz11 on telegram says:

This👆 great dude is a life changer I got $500,360.00 from him 🥰✅

Godhakz11 on telegram says:

This👆 great dude is a life changer I got $500,360.00 from him 🥰✅


They say that dealing with the right person is the most valuable thing in the world 🌎 so accept my greatful appreciation for being that valuable to me and my family 😊👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

Liam Cresswell says:

Answer me this. How is it possible to give a 30k return with it being a scam. Its fine explain how it works for you, but how does it actually work.

Message 👉 GODHAKZ11 ON Telegram says:

Yoo sir 👆you’re the best I earn a lot from your platform 👆I’m so happy ☺️💯💛


what do you think about invictus dao

sternistellaris says:

Hello Kris, I don´t get the point why you need to be on Kucoin exchance and send to two different chains at Metamask. If I would buy and send Matic from Binance to my Polygon chain on Metamask, wouldn´t this be enough? Also I could make a cross chain swap from any coin at BSC, like BNB or BUSD or any coin at the eth main network.

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