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One of the easiest ways to retire sooner than you thought is by finding a way to generate passive income. In this video, I want to provide you with a few tips to help you build passive income, so you can achieve financial freedom sooner than you imagined!

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00:00 – Intro
01:36 – Compounding interest explained
04:46 – Real estate investing
08:14 – Investing explained


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Phil Town's Rule #1 Investing says:

What kind of investing do you think can produce that sort of compounding passive wealth? Leave a comment below! Learn how to build passive and retire sooner than you imagined with my Beginner's Guide to Investing in 2021:

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Ion Kayak says:

Thank you very much, Mr Town!

hodoprime says:

There are different levels of “passive income” because there is some effort in every investment. Probably the easiest (less work) would be an index fund or target retirement fund. The hardest (more work) would be running a business or real estate.

omni 1 says:

Does the stock you invest in have to give a dividend for you to call it passive income?

The Investa Bros says:

Passive income is difficult to build at the start but once it gets rolling it's great!

antbanks415 says:

I sell cash secured puts, POSSIBLY get assigned, then sell covered calls. It's a pretty good income stream while my assets appreciate. Howeever, ever since October, the market has been on FIRE. Most of my covered calls end up in the money.

Alexandre Mercier says:

The richest men in Babylon buy George S. Clason is a awesome book for passive income also they’re the parabale of the pipeline book buy Burke Hedges.

Black Vito - Moneyology says:

Passive income is my favorite kind

Erifra says:

Cruypto like Cardano.

Chuck Diezel says:

Was the book the Richest Man in Babylon?

J.M0NEY says:

You are 73 years young Phil! Thanks for the wisdom you share with us.

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