Olympus Dao (OHM) – New Crypto Coin for Passive Income | Why I Like OHM and How It Works

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Olympus Dao (OHM) is a new crypto coin that claims to be the first crypto reserve currency.

Every new crypto coin is supposed to serve some purpose and be unique but only a few coins are worth to make a video about. Olympus DAO is one of those coins the concept of which is very different because of two main points:

– Olympus DAO owns its only liquidity tokens.
– The treasury revenue consists of bonds and LP rewards

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
00:51 Why I made a video about Olympus Dao
02:51 Main Information about Olympus Dao ($OHM)
04:01 How Olympus Dao is different?
06:40 Why Liquidity is Protected with Olympus Dao
09:10 APY for staking OHM
11:47 Olympus Pro
12:32 The Risks of Investing into Olympus Dao

None of the information I give in my videos is a financial advice and it has to used in entertainment purposes only.

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Blue Noah says:

I didn't know this coin, so thank you for all the infos 😊 However, the main risk in crypto world is when a company owns the majority of the liquidity… no decentralization means high probability to be scammed or to lose everything, if the counterpart suddenly disappears. However, I'll take a look to the tokenomics. By the way Anastasia, Pax Gold is pegged to gold =)

ageens says:

emm, all alt-coins have values in "satoshis" or 1/1000000 of BTC.

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