How I get $80 a month as Passive Income Staking USDC / USDT!

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In my Crypto Tuesday video, I talk about how I stake my USDC, and how I’m staking most of my savings money into USDC, and how I’m getting passive income every week. I talk about the different types of stake terms, and the different ways you can earn up to a 14% interest APR.

How to stake usdc usdt and get $100 a month passive income?

00:00 Intro
00:34 My Story
01:00 What is USDC?
03:20 Calculate your earnings
05:49 Wrap up

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D says:

It says invalid referral url when I click on your link. I'm in the US. Can you repost it? Maybe there's a typo?

Nick Omar says:

usdt is good for staking, it let make about 10% with any difficult operations

Jeronim Jurakovic says:

So we can do again and again after 3 months or?
It is approximately 1% per month, if you stake 100 000 usdc for example it will be 1000 and few dollars per month, is it correct? Thanks for the answer

jojojojoj pol says:

Have never seen you can stake any stable coins and it also would be weird

Pandas Force says:

The possibility of passive earnings is what you should always strive for and it's cool when you can use usdt for this

sswany says:

Your referral link isn’t working

Kelvin Reyes says:

Very informative vid!!, btw I tried doing your referral but I was unable to

Oliver Allen says:

Celsius with the same money will give you 18$ with no token investment.


Hello, it says error when I click on your link for ref. !! Am I too late ?

Mikes strikes says:

Btw your referral links isn't working for me

Mikes strikes says:

Hey so you said very little risk, but if I'm staking usdc and earning back more usdc where is the risk?
Great video btw

Jeya Govindaraju says:

It does not work in Texas..

Michael Harris says:

Excellent video sir !! Very simple, direct format and informative. This beats the return from a bank for sure

Frank Joseph says:

hi great video! quick question, can you deposit and stake usdc for longer than 3 months? Or is the 3 months referring to the staking time duration of CRO?

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