How to Stake Cardano ADA to Earn Passive Income (5%+ APY)

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Staking ADA can get you 5% Annual Returns! Easy Step-by-Step walkthrough using Yoroi for you all 🙂 I also include the best staking criteria to look for in pools.
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Links in this Video:
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► Yoroi Wallet:
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► Pool Tool (another resource):
► The Pool I Joined:
► Cleisthenes:
► Staking Pools:
► Article on Staking:

0:00 – Start Here
1:12 – What is Staking?
2:48 – Risks
3:03 – FAQs
4:21 – Step by Step Walkthrough (Yoroi Wallet)
8:00 – Best Staking Pool Criteria
10:40 – How to Unstake your ADA
11:15 – I Stake my own ADA!

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Humphrey Yang says:

Do you stake Cardano!? More importantly, did you hit the like button!? Beware of scammers in the comment section impersonating me. I will NEVER give you my phone number or try to sell you something.

Henrique Vacas says:


ninjahbean says:

humphrey i love you dude but clean your mouse pad

David says:

I would also check into Celsius if you’re into this side of crypto

djq618 says:

hi is this the same as binance staking i think they offer more? so what's the diff?

Money With Minh says:

Thanks Humph!!

Teacher Teacher says:

Is there a lock-up period for staking your ada?

Stat says:

Bad education, bad community and poverty= I really don’t understand any of this terminology and will likely never be able to use 99% of the info I look to learn from you

Brian Jung says:

Cardano to the moon 🙌🙌

Ryan Lowery says:

Why would you stake Cardano when you can STAKE Polkadot for 15% plus DOT is expected to 4x or 5x by Christmas putting it over $120+… I'm a fan of Cardano but 5% rewards on a token that at best will only reach 8$ is not very smart. I'm earning over 120$ per month in today's value on only 20,000 USD investment with DOT. By Christmas I will be making over $500 per month. You would need over 100,000$ in cardano to get those gains right now. No thanks

Nathan Suarez says:

What's the difference in staking here and Binance?

ohid uddin says:

Can’t you stake it in Coinbase ?

Ayush Kapoor says:

Thank you for walking us through this! Hope your next videos have more staking tutorials with other cryptos!

Oda Dam says:

Great tutorial man. 👍🏼 keep it up

benjamin miller says:

Hey Humphrey, does rewarded ADA automatically get re delegated into the pool?

Also what are taxes like from staking?

Stephanie Schultz says:

Great video!

Ian A says:

Excellent!! Thank you for the video. Will you be doing more staking videos on other coins?

zam zam says:

Hi Humphrey, thanks for all the great videos!

What is your take on those interest-earning stable coin accounts in places like Blockfi and Gemini?
8%+ is great. Recommend? Any negatives? Thanks much!

Investing Nerd says:

ADA to the moon baby!

Shane Reimer says:

can you do a follow up video showing the actual earning potentials and how long it takes to start earning rewards?

Luis Ramirez says:

Can you do staking videos like this on other coins such as USDC, ETH, BTC, etc.?
Great video!

Jake Sharpe says:

Can ou buy Ada and send it straight to the wallet you made to cut out making a coin base account ?..

DeWayne Campbell says:

Thank you for the walk through

Oualid Radji says:

As always great info
Smashed the 👍

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