Crypto Passive Income w/ Olympus DAO (OHM) + Wonderland (TIME): How do they work? #crypto

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Crypto Passive Income: Olympus DAO (OHM) + Wonderland (TIME), How can they make you money? #crypto

OHM Crypto, Wonderland TIME Crypto

If you like the cool art in the background: (Pedro Correa)
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Business Inquiries:

00:00-2:00 Introduction /Market Overview
2:00 – 6:45 What are Rebase Tokens?

6:45 – 8:00 Long term vision or just another Ponzi?
8:00 – 9:00 Has OHM really changed the game for Crypto?
9:00 – 11:20 $TIME What is it? How does it Relate $OHM?
11:20 – 13:00 50,000% APY with $TIME?

13:00- 14:35 OHM and TIME defy Market psychology & Cycles?
14:35- 16:30 Can this all be sustained?
16:30-18:07 OHM/TIME: Final Thoughts

The information in this video is for ENTERTAINMENT and EDUCATIONAL purposes only. Nothing said or demonstrated in the video is to be taken as licensed financial advice. The Dante DeFi channel has been created with the sole purpose of documenting and sharing information on blockchain and crypto digital assets.Trading cryptocurrencies may pose a considerable amount of risk and can potentially end in a loss. We do not guarantee any particular outcome.

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DIGIBYTEorjustnibble ! says:

The rebase is every 8 hours not every 5 hours

Aida Flores says:

Good video give a thumbs up to DIVI and the earning potential it HAS

Antonis Martalis says:

Can you explain what is the meaning of wonderland that it is a FORK of ohm?

Lai Hoe Hon says:

New subscriber on the block! Keep up with the videos!

Aaron C says:

Where have you heard that Olympus will be on Avalanche in the future?

Don Magik says:

Great video how can I get some aklima comes out on the 18th?

Giorgett Ruffino says:

I choose $DIVI Im doing my staking with DIVI that got rewards every week. Also got anothers benefits as lottery block, ease of setting up, tiered nodes to allow everyone to earn, etc

francisco crypto says:

With the new smart wallet of Divi I can do staking vaults

Wollem says:

Very nice content again!

Zach D. says:

Did the math if I deposit $200 and it maintains a minimum a 40k% APY for one year. I'd have over 80k. A life changing amount imo. If it maintains at least 5k% for 6 months after that becomes 570k. Assuming $TIME doesn't drop to the point where it offsets these massive gains it seems like a no brainer to throw $200 in, and if it grows even slightly its just icing on the cake. This is huge if it lasts that long. How do you go about cashing out is the question. Converting it back into Avax and then taking it to an exchange?

btw "as time goes on" did you mean "as $TIME goes on" or "as time goes on" lol

D Ak says:

interacting with ethereum 1st layer is pain.

Syed Ashiq says:

what is the market cap of ohm

Kevin Harmon says:

Another great video!! Not even sure how to go about staking but it at those interest rated it sounds like I'd better learn!!!

Ian Walsh says:

Crazy not getting into OHM. its still super early

CryptoVentures says:


Thank you sir!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥😅

laurence says:

Klima is going to fucking send it on the launch

Segesjr says:

Great content thanks for the information. liked and subscribed.
Love from Hungary.

Paul T says:

thanks excellent explanation on TIME

UK R1PP3R says:

Can i ask it says 0.58% every 8 hours but total 50,000% apy. The math dosent add up can anyone help out please, thanks

Jan Ærenlund says:

Is OHM and TIME locked 🔒 for 12 months, or can I withdraw some on the way?

Samuel Oviedo says:

Good video. personally I am accumulating Divi to do staking that would give me passive income

Sebastian Belfer-marin says:

I just want to say iv been in OHm and TIME for a few days now and this is by far the best video iv seen on them! Great job!

Steven Johnson says:

Klima is launching on polygon I believe

ivan winter says:

Welcome back bro…

Thomas Markey says:

Klima will be on Polygon Network. So fees are basically 0

Deidre Prozinski says:

What ever you do… don't leverage your OHM on Rari Capital and borrow against your staked OHM in order to buy more. That would really be a super degen move. Great content! This one is not for the weak hearted, but worth allocating a portion of your portfolio for the amazing income/growth opportunity.

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