September 2021 Passive Income Report: $41,124

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While you might typically think that traffic equals revenue when it comes to an informational niche site, there are other factors that can impact the overall return as well.

In this income report, you’ll find out how we had our highest overall revenue month, despite losing a significant portion of our traffic due to seasonality two months in a row.

I’ll also go over a new writing service that we tested in September, as well as some of the other growth projects that we focused on.

You can view the written version of the income report here:

As mentioned in the video, I’ve included a few links below for services that we’re using.

The links below are affiliate links. If you click these links and make a purchase, we will get a commission at no additional cost to you:

Link Whisper:
Passion Posts: (Use discount code LAKPFDZ2J0 for 10% off your first order)
Content Pit: (Use discount code PIU10 for 10% off your first order, max of 10,000 words)
Keyword Chef:

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Carl Broadbent says:

Great work guys

Growth Scouter says:

Congrats on another great month mate, looks like the content production is really starting to ramp up. Have been using KW Chef a lot more during the month too. It get's around 70% of the serp topics I find, which is good foundation to work from. Defs worth the price imo from the time it can save.

Baz says:

Hi, do you use wordpress tags on your sites?

jitendra shah says:

hi, I think blog post of the report is still pending to publish, I would suggest to attach the link in description or pin a comment so future viewer can find it.

Keith - Minted Empire says:

Awesome Jeff, well done. Congrats on it being your biggest month so far. If PIU was just being run by you, how many sites do you think you would focus on? I’d imagine 5 sites would be tricky as a sole operator.

Mike says:

Hey Jeff, Congrats on another record month! I find these really inspiring and motivating. Thanks for these income reports. I wanted to hear your opinion on this, I started a website in January this year(currently has 150 articles) 75% (115) of the articles were added in the last 2-3 months,in the last 30 days the website received 16200 pageviews, the issue is the empv is low ($12 per 1000 visitors on Ezoic). I wanted to know is it worth continuing with the website or start another one with a better earnings with ads?. Thanks!

Get Piano Lessons says:

So once you've accomplished 500 posts on your site and your traffic is good, do you still need to post everyday? If you slow down to 1 or 2 posts per week will this drop your traffic down?

Shriya Patel says:

Definitely interested in hearing about your new Link Whisper approach – thanks!

Al Amin Sagor says:

Hello! If you need any editor/formatter or VA feel free to knock me ✨ been searching for remote jobs for months.

Aizaz Khokhar Official says:

As a newbie, should i stick to your keyword research method or should i invest $20 in Keyword Chef? Also, your insight on Link Whisper would be really helpful. Keep up the great work, your content is very useful especially for beginners like me.

Hustle Kulio says:

how can I find questions people would ask about on a niche – say piano or a lifestyle niche that I have no idea but I want to blog about. I feel like some niche it seems hard to find questions with Google alphabet method. is there a way to expand on the seed keyword?

Hasitha Chandrasekara says:

Are the stats for site 5 considered normal after 1 year and 280 posts? How does it compare to the other older websites at the 1 year mark? I thought most websites take off during the 6-9 month mark and reach considerable traffic levels within 1 year. (provided the niche isn’t too competitive)

A b says:

do you build any backlinks?

Curtis Russell says:

Kindly touch on internal linking in details, we will appreciate.

Thailand Moped Adventures says:

Congrats – great Job!

Krishna says:

Yes show us the internal linking approach

Stephen Little says:

I've heard link whisper can slow down your site?

Saswata Baksi says:

Love to know more about your strategy behind internal linking using Link Whisper.

Fami Fami says:

First like and first comment

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