How to Build RELIABLE Passive Income for 2022

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Retiring early thanks to your vast passive income streams is obviously the dream. But there are many false promises and misconceptions when it comes to actually achieving that target. So let’s discuss how to build GENUINE passive income streams for 2022, to get you one step closer to financial independence.

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New Money says:

What passive income sources are you currently working on? Would love to hear people's ideas!

BoomCoin Daily says:

I agree with you. I tried to do all things you mention there before but failed. Now Im convinced that building my audience is a must before anything else.

Lesego says:

Thank you for the honesty. A lot of the ideas of passive income don't really speak to the kinds of environment or resources someone has. I don't buy from Amazon so I don't know how I'll make money from affiliate links, I would never start a YT channel, or become an influencer cause I'm not good with social sites. Unfortunately we can't all do the same thing and that's okay. I will however definitely find something that speaks to me that I can continuously do without forcing myself.

Tamás Richárd says:

The biggest problem I find with dividend paying stocks is that the majority of them rearly beat the market, even though the risk owning them is greater opposed to owning an ETF. Altough, they can be great if you have enough capital to generate dividends that you can live off, but if you are still young and building capital, it is better to go passive for the long run.

J.M0NEY says:

To achieve financial freedom you need passive income. Being able to generate income 24 hours a day is critical to financial wealth.

Andrea says: 100% CORRECT! This is usually on line 50 on most start ups to do list! Great content, Thanks! very refreshing.

Naval Chopra says:

0:48 The real lesson you should have learned was that capital earns more returns than labor.

Jimmy V says:

It’s so true the issue you described about being a physio. I’m a recent accounting graduate and it’s the same principle if working at an accounting firm…. you spend 10+ years grinding on a below average salary until you make partner and even then it’s not really passive income as you are still required to see clients on a daily basis. Any professional service firm like doctors, lawyers, physios etc, its an extremely hard business model to scale and people are better off looking at other business ideas if they want a scaleable model. People should go into those white collar professions because they enjoy it rather than trying to get rich.

The Obsessed Investor says:

Dude, you are amazing! Your videos are so helpful and awesome to watch. Because there are so high quality and well made I haven’t even finished the video and I already needed to write this. Such great info 👍 keep it up man.

HealVersations With KCBass says:

Thank you for your honesty. So many just sell a dream of abundance overnight. Very practical.

Arnab Majumder says:

I really like your channel and how much success you have gained over the short period. I am interested to take your valuation course, if there are any Christmas sale happening 🙈

The Adventurous Investor says:

Great video mate, as Gary V would say your crushing it.

gasgas62 says:

Greetings from France, your channel and your content are great!

Princess Sakuno says:

Damn haven't visited in a while and your channel has really REALLY blown up!

jimbo says:

Any chance you could help me?

Tifes says:

Cheers from Brazil! 🇧🇷 Love your Channel!

Penua Hila-Cook says:

Love your videos, man! Greetings from Papua New Guinea!

Nathalie Lazo says:

Incredible person reading this, you have everything there is to succeed in life, whatever that is for you. Go after the life you truly want NOW! ✨
I believe in you! Love – Nat ❤️

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