Passive Income / Side Hustles | Replacing your income

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What if you lose your job? Do you have any other passive income or other streams of income? I think it’s so important to be prepared for whatever life might throw at you!


RollingOps says:

Goals, all passive 10 years from now or less.

christain miller says:

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and governments faced the need to solve multiple, competing priorities simultaneously. One of the toughest: how to keep an economy going while at the same time shutting it down to protect citizens from infection. As some regions emerge from the worst of the health crisis, it’s tempting to think that there could be a return to focusing on just one main concern. But this week, McKinsey experts examined sectors, particularly defense and national infrastructure, where solving for dual imperatives is more important than ever.

Linkscape1 says:

Supplemental is the best word for it.

Lily Barber says:


Kyle Grimm says:

How are you guys creating passive income/multiple streams of income?

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