How to earn passive income on Pancake Swap

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A beginner’s guide to earning crypto passive income from PancakeSwap. We’ll go over how to earn as a liquidity provider, farming and pools.

00:00 How to make passive income with PancakeSwap
01:08 How to provide liquidity to PancakeSwap
04:43 How to stake LP tokens
06:53 PancakeSwap overview
07:18 How to use PancakeSwap Pool
11:00 How to earn crypto as a liquidity provider
12:58 What is Impermanent Loss
14:41 How to Yield Farm on PancakeSwap
15:52 How to remove liquidity

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Passive Income CeFi:


Jonathan Rigby says:

I get what you are saying re impermanent loss and bull or sideways markets. You didnt mention the impact in a bear market

Dax Desai says:

Fml I put 100k in autocake at $24.

Sanni says:

Nice ponzi scheme

charltonsz says:

Hi Dan , newbies here , which one has the highest return APY in pancake swap? Auto Cake restaking? thanks

HELDER says:

Dan, im new to crypto.
I want to thank you for all info you gave me.

Be safe and bless you for making video's.

Yami Alade says:

This is a Nice video…. So inspiring but do anyone knows about expert Mrs maria. Mrs Maria Jones is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

Shogun'Playz says:

I wanted to ask, if I made my own coin, is it possible for me to sell or let people trade for 1$ per 0.000000100? If you get what I'm trying to say ?

Raj Kumar says:

Is it possible to add liquidity to existing token

Alex says:

Could you do an emergency withdrawal video for pools/farms? I see some are already out there but I would love to see your side of it.


its feels like this guy is always in a good mood

Jared Talbot says:

Thanks! Very good video. Helped a lot.

Vincent Noot says:

Nice super mario shirt

finn dooley says:

Hey. Idk why you wouldn’t just use Autocake over farms like bnb/cake as the Autocake has a better apr and staking is safer than farming anyway?

Praveen Bhagwani says:

Hey Dan, I loved your video of how to create your own crypto currency but can you also explain how does it's price go up & down as it's not listed on any exchange only on pancake swap and people cannot bid and just exchange it?

Benjamin Espina says:

about time you got into Pcs, bud! 🙂 pcs has been the perfect buy since the crash. it has already more than doubled. 🙂


Hey dan , can you please upload a video on how to create a bep20 token wallet using wallet core api ?

Paul Carnage says:

I have cake in my trust wallet but i cant seem to be able to stake it in pools. I get a message saying insufficient funds but my wallet has funds. Do i need the equivalent amount in bnb too or is it something else I missed?

wiog64 says:

I like your smile

Neo Plasma says:

Bro let’s keep pancakeswap a secret. What’s wrong with you?

kijkedwin says:

Don't leave your crypto on a exchange, not your keys, not your crypto, research Richard Heart.

Tess Bakker says:

Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profits is like turning water into wine, you would need a miracle, that's why i trade with Christi lily, her skills set is exceptional..

Dario Cazzani says:

Thanks so much for sharing so valuable content!
What do you think of projects like SafeMoon or SpaceMoon token? Thanks 🙏

Matty Scoll says:

Thanks, Dan! This process has always intimidated me. 😊

SYR3 says:

Do you harvest and earn every month? Or year?

EsurfRider says:

So being a liquidity provider is like a covered call in the options market more or less you make money as long as the underlying asset doesn’t move too much. Ok, I still don’t want any of that, market too volatile

Sumit Pal says:

Pancake 🥞 is on Binance BSC chain… No doubt Pancake is high yeild farming but BSC chain is way costly than Polygon MATIC chain . We should try for some other finance DiFi Dapp in Matic Polygon chain of similar App …

Aucaman Callisto says:

Need a tutorial for taxes on this

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