My 7 Sources of Passive Income (Explained)

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Explaining where my money comes from. discussing passive income streams, dividend investing and other online money making schemes.

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hiding in my room says:

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Arbo says:

Deleting your history and pretending to be what you're not is a simp move. If you're not into drama anymore just leave the videos there and tell the girl what happened and why you're not like that anymore.
Plus, if anything the girl would be repelled by your porn stuff. But anyway if you want a girlfriend you would be honest with her sooner or later, so no point in hiding.

Eddy Edwards says:

Don't like the beard at all.

kat678 says:

Great CGI-beard!🤗👍
Didn't you want to shut down your channels?? Again. 😉

Norris Broadway says:

Good to see you Daniel!

sofi says:

love u daniel<3

Jackson May says:

What happened to deleting everything?


George White says:

Hit the like Button👍👍👍👍👍 for this Video, and stick it to the hypocritical haters.

Bruno says:

Why do you care about dislikes? They don't do any harm.

Illuminus 4 says:

So the beard is a filter. 🤔 You got me!👍

Felix Berg says:

i like ur beard 🙂

YouTube in My Spare Time says:

Exactly what type of content do you make….

Withnail1969 says:

This beard is just some graphics thing, or real? I pressed like.

TroizTv says:

Sorry When did Daniel get a beard????

Rock Rich says:

Daniel, you are real and normal person. What sets you apart is that, before, you were totally open and honest about your personal life including perhaps your dark side. Most of us have that side to us but we may be in denial or at least work hard to hide it. Those people who decided to ghost you after discovering some things about you that they thought were not perfect seem very judgemental and I bet most of them have many things they are ashamed about in their own lives. The difference is that those people hide them whereas you own up to them, publicly. In this sense, you are extraordinary and I mean it in a very positive way 🙂

Rock Rich says:

Back in 2008-2009, bank shares across the board plummeted and certain large ones failed completely. Investors in this segment lost most of their money. Check out the multi-decade charts.

EmotionalStreetTriple says:

Lazy ass merch design but ima get that cereal mug lol

Trevor says:

ASSive income*** 😏

EmotionalStreetTriple says:

Stop blaming us for your mistakes Daniel. Some of us love your creepy shit some of us hate you but at the end of the day we all come together as subscribers tho none of us would probably admit to our friends that we watch your videos 😂

Love says:

Just ignore haters, their opinions is none of your business. They are sowing hate, they get it back. Some of us really really like you 👍🏼 and love ❤️ your channel. Don’t let the haters live in your head for free.

Rich L says:

I am waiting for the I am a male escort arc

Alex Star says:

Dan!, Make a video on "Trying different styles of glasses"🕶️🍃📍

Jordie Kirk says:

Dat beard filter tho

evilrock3 says:

Hey Daniel. Glad to see that you are sustaining yourself through different passive incomes. Still, I know you are fully aware of this but remember to maintain these income streams so you can keep living the life you deserve!

M S says:

– Daniel just chiLL
Dont take it a aLL so serious
Remember you started utube for fun

Sin plata sí hay paraíso ✓ says:


Melissa Bell says:

I like your beard

Retse Espada says:

What race is Daniel most Asians can’t grow beards

User Name NOT found says:

Why I’m deleting my YouTube channel. And here’s a video on my passive income!! 🤦‍♀️

仁奈 nina says:

More videos please!! I love your voice!! Please do not stop speaking for us Daniel you make my days brighter🥰

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