My 6 Figure Dividend Stock Portfolio | Passive Income 2021

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A Deep Look Into My 6 Figure Dividend Stock Portfolio For Passive Income September 2021 Including The Best Stocks Purchased & Stocks Sold As I Continue Investing For Financial Freedom!

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adi grv says:

Hey man
Take a look at Medifast ticker MED I think you going to like it low pe 2.6 yield and no debt + is growing like crazy
What do you think?

Francisco Heredia says:

That feel when u sell CLX 🙁
That feel when you buy JNJ 🙂

I am Canadian Investing says:

That’s incredible. I have something to say. March 16 2020 I had zero dollars in investing. Now I have 100k in my Tfsa. This was one of the main channels I found and stuck with. I still have my 3000 shares of mind med

Mister Mo says:

Backdrop looks legit!

Fil B says:

You have many stocks that I want lol. Right now I have about 200 000$ in my portfolio. I am trying to get rid of my bond ETF Zag and my utilities cover call ETF ZWU, but the market is teasing me by have their shares dragging down. On the flip side, at least I'll be getting nice solid dividends in return. If I do manage to sell them, my next step is to increase my number of US stocks. I currently have KO, PG, MMM and DUK. I would love to add PEP, JNJ, ABBV, STAG, MSFT, Google into my portfolio. Technically I can own all of them once I sell ZAG and Zwu. My other dilemma is whether or not I should sell all my ETF's and go all stocks, but I am uncertain about it yet. I hesitate in pulling the trigger.

Lukas Horak says:

Mr. Franklin has been managing my trade for months and I keep making profit every week. I made "$17,240 last week also

Dorel Popescu says:

Nice portofolio…I just bought some T! ✌️👍

Mike in Milltown NJ says:

You need growth and dividend stock. Time is on your side.

Big Red'y Fitness says:

Dudeee. I knew you were going to get rid of that clorox haha. Could hear it in your voice last week.

Blue Lion Finance says:

As always love the energy, the markets are certainly at an interesting place with it being a slower month of September and moreover all the volatility.. however this time is also the Best time to buy stocks that are a tad on sale!!! It is what you said, buy the Friday dip.. and love that you are buying into apple.. keep in mind that apple stock USUALLY sells off until about 60 days thereafter.. apple is my never sell always buy go to stock, #applenation 🚀

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