Passive Income & Side Income Report – August 2021

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Late again but here’s my passive income and side income report for August 🙂


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Zach GH says:

Glad to see things are going well! Because you're moving abroad, will you no longer be able to contribute towards your Stocks & Shares ISA?

Alan Begg says:

Your stilettos art work are very striking 😍 👠

Ricky Storme says:

I Also feel like teaching maybe for fulfilling since you can really help out someone. Also have been teached by someone and it really does help

Budget with A July Dreamer says:

It’s good to do something you love. Lovely video.

Mauricio Banuelos says:

Thank you for being so transparent, keep up the awesome work and get that money!!

Tom Nook says:

Ooh, will we have a cat sitting video soon?

James Crossland says:

Thanks Anna. Looking glam. Interesting content as usual,

efoplistis12 says:

We have the same financial mindset Anna. Multiple sources of income, growing passive income & budgeting. The only difference is that I like dogs more. 😛

The Sherlock Holmes Radio Show says:

Another great month. Nice haircut too! 🙂

SketchNinja says:

Hi Anna, thats amazing! thanks for sharing! so basically you can live from youtube! nice. I am also trying to build up my youtube channel, its a lot of work! definitely you deserve respect. Again great content, and happy to follow your journey. Looking forward to see your new house!

Joanne S says:

Well done on such a good month and thank you for showing us the time breakdown too! 😀 xx

manunited099 says:

Wow didn’t realise how much money can be earned from YouTube without millions of subscribers

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