My 12 Sources of Income at Age 30

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Income Stream #1 – 1:44
Income Stream #2 – 2:36
Income Stream #3 – 3:36
Income Stream #4 – 4:47
Income Stream #5 – 6:37
Income Stream #6 – 8:47
Income Stream #7 – 9:43
Income Stream #8 – 10:51
Income Stream #9 – 11:23
Income Stream #10 – 11:54
Income Stream #11 – 12:08
Income Stream #12 – 12:51

In this video, I’m talking about the 12 different streams of income that I’ve built. A little over a year ago, 10 of these didn’t exist, so if I can grow 10 income streams in a year starting from $0, I’m certain you can as well. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration for how you can start building and creating different income streams. Some are passive and some are active income streams. I think it’s important to have a combination.

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Hello! My name is Erika Kullberg. I’m a lawyer by profession, but my passion is personal finance. After I graduated, I had over $200,000 of student debt, so I made it my mission to dive into everything personal finance-related, so I could equip myself with the tools to pay off the student loans as quickly as possible. I ended up paying them off in under 2 years, and now it’s my passion project to share with you all of the strategies I’ve used to pay off my student loans, increase my net worth, credit card hack (travel on points), invest, house hack (invest in real estate), build passive income streams, and more. I hope you’ll join me on the channel!

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. Although I am a lawyer by profession, I am not your lawyer and no attorney-client relationship is established with you in any way. This video, and the ideas presented in it, are for entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as financial or legal advice.


Erika Kullberg says:

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Franz Galahad says:

One of these days I'll post "My 12 Income Streams By The Age of 60!" 😀

Frank Business says:

They shouldn’t keep 45% they should keep 20%😂 content creators need to earn more :$

super sexy 77 says:

Hello from Romania ❤ I have just discovered your channel and you're amazing.

David Monroy says:

I wouldn't call passive income to few things you mentioned in the video, for example, your YouTube channel, which BTW you need to be really active; otherwise, YouTube will not recommend your videos. In order to grow, you need to be really busy; it takes a lot of time to prepare, record, and edit a single video and more things you probably know better than any of us. The ideas are good to create few streams to get money. The problem is how you explain it to people.

goonymiami says:

Most of those incomes are possible because of your well above average level of expertise. Only a few can pull those things off. Congratulations to you, but this is no recipe to success for everyday people. You're giving hope to those who just finally gave up on MLM and are looking for the new magic trick to get rich. "Hey, I'm an ENTREPRENEUR too!"

MrJohn says:

Make money work for you.

Renie Rutten says:

Erika, would you be interested in looking at a passive income app before it's made available to the public?

M3ku Ro9sk!3 says:

you are so beautiful

Jam Akwntd says:

Girl, you really got me subscribed to your channel!

Jam Akwntd says:

Girl, you really got me subscribed to your channel!

Tanja Pesic says:

Hi Erika, any advice on how you are dealing with taxes? Tnx 🙂 <3

Luis Cardenas says:


Kiran Jay Babla says:

This just seems disingenuous. How can it be justified that someone creates money telling people how to create money? I don't understand the logic there. To be fair that's only stream 1-4. 5 is great!

Szkoła Inwestowania Walen says:

You have a new fan. Greetings from Bangkok.

Nikki Schar says:

$1000 a day on YouTube!? Now, I get it… and a lot of them are KIDS!!

Jeremy Theoneofdestiny says:

A lot of your income streams rely on already being either rich or extremely successful… you can’t make significant dividend money if you have no money to invest. No one gives you sponsorships or asks you to speak if you’re not already famous or notably successful somehow.

Jeremy Theoneofdestiny says:

Why does your youtube course cost $500??? Geez.

O EAO says:

So with all this that you do…do you have a life outside work?

Bill Keck says:

Public Speaking: Years ago, I too was "shy" about public speaking. Then I discovered Dale Carnegie Institute. I took their basic public speaking course. It's mostly designed for salespeople, but will work for anybody. They get you up in front of friendly people, talking about things you care about. And they do exercises to help "limber you up" for public speaking! I took the course around 1974 and have never had problems with public speaking again. I've even had bosses try to put me "on the spot" and I am unphased by it. Mostly remember, you have something worthwhile to say, so just say it! You don't have to be perfect. You just need to be adequate.
Dale Carnegie is available in many cities, worldwide.
Another alternative I've seen people have success with is Toastmasters.

Justin Adam PhD - Protecting Your Mental Health says:

OF ALL THE CHANNELS on YouTube, Erika's has impacted my life. I have never been into personal finance or had the courage to start my own business (or YouTube channel). BUT, after being inspired by her, I took the plunge, followed her advice, bought several of her products, and have begun taking a whole new direction in my life aside from the traditional Assistant Professor route. And these videos are so dense with good information that I have to constantly start, stop, and write notes on a Word Doc for each one. That's a good thing, hahaha

gwyn riho says:

Great video.

McKie Family Vlogs says:

great content,thanks for sharing your ideas

onlyphenom1 says:

How do you get the opportunities to do the speaking engagements?


You are 🤩

Empress Financial says:

You're the real life version of "Suits"! It's my favorite show! Love how smart you are!

Sonny says:

Hi Erika, it would be an honor and privilege to meet you one day! This is an awesome testimony of your inner strength and solid foundation as an individual. You must've have grown up in a very nurturing family to have what I assume are strong core values. I want to give a well deserved thank you to your mom and dad for who you are as a person today, able to share the hope of better living to all of us who would benefit from it. May you continue under the Lord's guidance to fulfill your big Y's which I hope are rooted in the Lord's will for you. Take care.

David D says:

Do You control who & what can be advertised on Your channel or does YT control that or can anyone with any product advertise on Your channel?

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