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Lo Mont says:

Thought there was supposed to be something about potential migration to Polkadot and an update about exchanges

Garrett McGuire says:

Salty I didn’t get in at $1. But big influences are hopping on now. Means the top is in ):

Pedro Sousa says:

Where is this discord channel I heard so much of?

dvdragon says:

Go full Lamborghini. Hurricane or bust. Impress your ex-wife…as a millionaire.

Bogdan Chirila says:

"In any gold rush, the most money are made by those who provide the shovels. "Techlead

ThatCryptoFool says:

Bin here since day 1 , STRONG DIAMOND HANDS 💎 🙌

abe JAY says:

What a giant tool…

Jean Baptiste Le Maudit says:

This is crazy. Techlead is showing exactly how bubbles happen. No one is using Million Token and there is no unique use case for Million Token. The bubble is being inflated by speculation only.

josechanito says:

How to buy million token?

Sergio Gutzalenko says:

This is hilarious and genius at the same time.

DenizMSaat says:

What about taxes?

SwingTradeBanana says:

Goddammit missed it again

Simplerway says:

This is why crypto will never succeed.

Tutorial Videos says:

World domination? Didn't Hitler think like that too <3 TL

Dz Nuts says:

Elon's role models don't want him to privatize space. Big difference.

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