5 Passive Income Ideas to make money online!

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5 Passive Income Ideas to make money online!
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Creating passive income is a great way to supplement your financial goals. Having multiple streams of revenue, most of which were passive income, made all the difference in my finances last year after experiencing a huge loss of income. According to Nerd Wallet Passive income is money generated from investments, properties or side hustles. The goal is to achieve a steady flow of cash without the daily commitment of a full-time job. Passive income requires planning and preparation, and sometimes a lot of work, but by dedicating just a few hours to building passive streams of revenue you can create financial security over time.

The videos on this channel are not meant to substitute professional financial advice. Information and personal anecdotes shared of what has worked for me, might not work for everyone.

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About me:
I’m Camille and I am an Iraq War veteran living in Chicago with my husband and nine-year-old beagle. I share tips about saving money and living frugally, empowering women to plan for the life they want. Follow me on Instagram @camillejcollazo for daily tips on how to save and live more intentionally.

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hope rambles says:

Camille: “next up, affiliate marketing-”
ad about affiliate marketing comes on 😂

Kristi Stark says:

Despite all the economic crisis this is the right time to start up an investment

awesomestuff says:

I think I'm gonna re:brand my personal Ebay account, and maybe start a social media account 🤔 I been selling (and buying) games for over 10 years there. And I have 100% positive feedback. And I have stuff that I have bought during the last 10 years that now has increased in value. And I know some stuff that I can easily buy and flip. 🤔
And maybe the best bonus I will have to clean out my closet. 😅 Thank you for giving me this idea! 🙏

Gabriella Wiks says:

Stock market is down 4% after the huge run up Everyone"its crashing again….what the next move🤦🤦

A Lawyer's Path to Financial Freedom says:

Great video, Camille. While I did not try many of the ways you outline to generate passive income, but I used a more traditional version of it via real estate and it is life-changing.

Brooklyn Baby says:

you look absolutely stunning!!! 🤍 also I can't wait to watch the video ✨✨✨

Muhammad Naeem says:

I love you very much

maria Velasquez says:

Could you talk a bit more about credit cards as passive income? Like what types of credit cards I should look into or maybe with what banks. I’ve heard that there’s particular credit cards you should have if you’re a traveler but that isn’t applicable to me. I’ll check you channel to see if you ha e more videos on this but any additional info would be greatly appreciated!

Hannah Edia says:

I liked that you started off with online courses. I think it's important to pre-sell your online course before you create it since creating an online course requires a huge investment of your time and time equates money. If time equates money, pre-selling your idea to be sure there is a market for it, is an important way to save money. That is one of the big lesson that I have learned in my years as a digital marketing professional.

maria Velasquez says:

Like before watching because I know it’ll be good!

Junior Chaves o Picasso de Yahushua says:

You are glowing

Arin M says:

Love watching your videos

Stephanie says:

You're glowing, Camille! I love it :))

Tanya deBond says:

To be honest, I watch your videos, because I adore your voice Camille! 😍 plus, you always come through with great tips. I also teach online, I think that everyone who can speak 2 languages should start teaching. It's in high demand, and people genuinely benefit from it. So great, that teachable is sponsoring you 🙌

Nicole Bailey says:

Love The Shirt !!😍

Areefa Dee says:

First one here 🙂

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