How to Make Passive Income by Writing Options

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Professional traders rely on options writing to generate passive income. Its time you did too.

In my past videos, I have often talked about passive income. I consider passive income to be as important as active trading income.

In my opinion, generating steady passive income is absolutely critical for traders who are relying on the financial markets for their livelihood.

In today’s video, I will go one step ahead and show you how I recommend trades to generate passive income. I hope it will be useful to you.

Professional traders use this strategy regularly and I believe you need to know about it too.

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Krishnendu Paul says:

Is option selling popular in USA market?

karla lisa says:

i earn big last week while working with EXPENDABLEMONEYSOLUTIONDOTCOM

Scoop Inspire says:

i earn big last week while working with EXPENDABLEMONEYSOLUTIONDOTCOM

G M Rao says:

For the last 3 weeks call option selling is taking money from my pocket.

Prashant Desai says:

Hello Sir, are you providing training for options writing?

Anand B says:

Dear Vijay, Thanks for sharing the knowledge. This is very rare in investing and especially trading world. I love the idea of option writing and generating passive income. It's good to be on the other side and collect insurance premiums. As a paid subscriber, I get to act on the alerts on time. More than that, the knowledge is very valuable.

Shailender Arora says:

do let us know if you have these Services for your customers and at what cost?

Prakash Sastry says:

Is fast income alerts a paid service


I watched your video today on options writing. You said in your video that who has any thing to say can write in the comments section and you will respond on the subject. I have seen many a time that on my selling put or call of nifty or bank nifty it starts going up sharply and in case buying the same it comes down within seconds on execution of order. This happens with a man who has more than thirty years experience in the market. Just think what could happen with a newcomer in the market. Please explain who are cheats in the market now. Please respond. Rgds.

Kashinath Paul says:

Sir , presently I am paper trading on weekly and monthly OTM writing which is atleast 300 points away from spot market on both call & put simultaneously for Nifty. But in July series I find it less attractive. What may be the reason ❓ Please help. Regards 🌻☑️

Poulami Banerjeeray says:

Kindly reply Sir how much amount required as minimum capital required for this.

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