$15,000 Per Month With 21 Months Old Blog (Here's What I Did!)

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The other videos I mention:
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I started a brand new site 21 months ago and last month it got 300,000 pageviews from Google search.

That’s $15,000 in monthly revenue from this site.

I built this site with almost 100% outsourced content with my own team of writers and a dedicated editor.

I do ALL the topic research myself and also an outline for EACH and EVERY article my team writes.

This site is no exception.

Let me show you the strategies I used on this site and how I took it to where it is today (and what my plans are with this site!).

Join my course now and let me and the community help you succeed!
→ https://passiveincomegeek.com/

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$23,000 in ONE Month With ONE Website (From Ads)→ https://youtu.be/PqxlElGpYEc

Check out the tools I use: → https://www.passiveincomegeek.com/tools/


Akbar Sheikh says:

Great video… can you tell us how many articles the site has in 21 months? All the best for the future…. 🙂 😀

OffGrid Essential says:

100 articles per month 😳 my head just exploded.

悪人 says:

Awesome video. That's awesome your course has ~7 hours of topic research. I always wished there was more of that in other courses. That might put me over the edge and make me join soon! I've just been trying to save money this spring, so I banned myself from buying courses lol.

Also, a question: With ~4 writers on this site, do they all ghost write under 1 name, or do they all have by-lines and their own names? Or how do you recommend dealing with that?

Efe Genit says:

Curious about your Pinterest strategies. It could be good topic to hear from you.

Daniel Douglas says:

That juice box sticker is awesome.

Telluwide says:

I think Google with their efforts to try to keep people on "Google" are inadvertently making searchers not only "Ad blind", but "Google blind" in general…I remember way back when Google first started putting ads above the fold in the SERPS, everyone was up in arms complaining.

Eventually searchers became "Ad blind". Bottom line is I think that the searcher will become even more focussed on finding the answers to their queries and may end up ignoring Google's antics. Also, those that do click on your page may do so with more intent, instead of blindly clicking on results which could mean more sales, etc. Thanks for your video, good stuff!

Dzair Tik Tok says:

thank you for those usefull informations keep going, please i have a question, i have blog post that was recently deleted by blogger reason : malwares and viruses. this never happened to me. how could that happen. do you have any inforamtions about this issue? the post was created on may 4th and deleted today i think someone reported me. but i don't understand everything is ok with the article like all other articles

Imer Imran says:

It's so inspired!

Baz says:

Hi Morten, how did you achieve such a high RPM, did you target alot of product/commercial topics? Cheers and well done!

Syed Manzoor says:

Case studies like these are always a thirst relief to my brain…!

Brandin Michael says:

This is so inspiring, I'm on my way to my first $1000.

gogle acoount says:

Loved this video, I have been blogging on my site for a year now, the site has over 400 articles ( I rank on the first page for many keyphrases but around 200 of these articles are 3 months old) it's only getting 3000 pageviews a month as of now. Does this mean that I m doing something wrong or am I just being impatient and the site will start growing by itself soon enough? Would really appreciate a response, cheers!

roblox dog says:

Hey man, thanks for sharing that with us, I'm building a site right now, going strong, it's about 6 months old, I'm at 376 articles right now, will keep updating this comment if there's some people interested in the progression. (yes it's a lot of writing, but I'm full time doing this lol)

Brett Stadelmann says:

Honestly Morten, your advice is more valuable than anything else that I've found on YouTube, including the likes of ahrefs and backlinko. Thanks again for another awesome vid. And thanks for sharing some of your pay rates! I've recently decided to pay some of my better writers more, rather than invest my meagre earnings into anything else, after absorbing your wisdom on producing better content. Stay safe!!

Alex Mitic says:

Great case study Morten! You are a true inspiration.

Do you mind sharing what type of articles you have the most, and what is the average word count for the site?

Also, your EpmV's are quite fascinating, was it that high since the beginning, or that number grew over time?

Thanks and good luck!

Al ø në •_• says:

What plugins do you use? Btw, amazing success great job ⭐

Syed Manzoor says:

May I know the percentage of ads of the $50 RPM. IT WAS A GREAT VIDEO BY THE WAY!!

Nalin S says:

Great work Morten! Can you give an idea what kind of topics or articles you're publishing on this site? Nowadays I see most how to and review type topics have youtube videos ranking so ctr is pretty low..

Martin Angelo Sunesen says:

Du kører for vildt fyr! 🤘

Bright Here says:

Sir What Ad Network You Are Using For This Site

Yuvraj Parmar says:

are you using google web stories on this site?

Visionary Blogger says:

Please, share the URL of your website. How do we believe you? I want to do the analysis myself.

Thailand Moped Adventures says:

Amazing Insights – Thanks Morton!

Dash277 says:

Good stuff again! You mentioned the site looks very professional and that potentially helps get links. Can you give an example of a site you feel does this well?

A-T Antwaun Williams says:

Thanks Morten for showing us what's possible. Quick question. How much do you pay writers and editors for your sites?

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