All My May Dividend Stocks (7 Paychecks) – Passive Income 2021

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In this video I discuss each one of the 7 paychecks I received in dividends from the month of May 2021. Dividend investing is my favorite and one of the truest form of passive income. This month, I received the most amount of dividend income I have ever made – and it looks like it will be fore a while. If you’ve been following along you’ll notice the dividend snowball is in full effect! Enjoy the video.

Dividend website discussed:

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
1:13 – Robinhood Investing Performance
2:15 – Dividend Payment Number 1
3:20 – Dividend Payment Number 2
4:11 – Dividend Payment Number 3
4:58 – Dividend Payment Number 4
5:57 – Dividend Payment Number 5
6:46 – Dividend Payment Number 6
8:22 – Dividend Paycheck Number 7
10:45 – Portfolio Projections & Overall Update
14:03 – Wrap Up

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Yes, my biggest month yet! The Dividend Snowball at work. How was your dividend income this month?

ThatsSoTech says:

I’m about to receive 4 payments this month from dividends. 😬

dan vieny says:

I’ve tried the track your dividends and it doesn’t seem completely accurate to me… for instants when I put shares of A stock with a high Yield say 6% and look at my future value and put a stock with a lower dividend yield say 2% without taking any money out of the original stock The future value is lower so it seems to only calculate by the overall dividend yield… when it should in my mind calculate both and then add them together right?

Justin Ballew says:

I’m sure you know this but on trackyourdividends you can add another account and track your Roth separately. That way you can look at just your dividend portfolio. It will also give you a summary of everything too if you want to look at it combined.

karate forte says:

Android >>>

Josh Phelps says:

Have you checked out Otis yet? I have shares in an OG charizard, rookie lebron card, and a ninja turtles #1 comic

Ryan Baer says:

The Track Your Dividends update is pretty awesome I have to say

All Things Investing And Finance says:

Congratulations bro! This is major. Lot of good solid stocks paying dividends

Kent Peterson says:

I do like getting free stocks. I don't get alot of free but am happy when I do.

Sunny Side says:

Hi it's me again haha. I had another question but by chance do you have a video about how Robinhood and taxes work?

Sunny Side says:

Hello! I am completely new to this and I'm glad I found your channel! πŸ˜€ Loving it so far. In the video, you stated Apple pays 22 cents per share. On the Robinhood app, it says 0.651 div/yield. How is the 22 cents calculated? Does the 22 cents ever change? How does that work? Haha super curious and would appreciate an explanation! Thank you so much!

Jackson Wegner says:

Great video as always. Keep up the hard work. It’ll pay off.

Mark Wilson-bowles says:

hi everyone i would like to try this but not sure how much i should put in?

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