I'm earning $360 in PASSIVE INCOME with my TRASH CAN?!

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I added a crypto mining rig to my trashcan (why?!) and it is earning $360 monthly in passive income mining crypto. I’m earning $12 a day mining cryptocurrency with the M2 Pro Miner!
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Internet of Things or IoT mining is really heating up as Helium hotspot miners have proven to be incredibly profitable we looked for alternative miners in the same sector and that is how we found the MatchX M2 Pro Miner which is basically a super low power MXC crypto mining rig, and it can even mine DHX as well as mine Bitcoin in the near-future through a unique mining method that they are building. The M2 Pro miner is an interesting crypto mining rig that is silent, you can multiple miners in one location, and enable easy staking as well as advanced mining concepts like bonded mining and the potential low-power BTC mining has me intrigued — let’s review the M2 Pro Miner and MXC mining profitability!

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Review Helium HNT mining here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fh-IN9FQ4zc
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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 My trash can is earning over $360 a month in passive income?!
01:45 This portable crypto miner is really profitable!
03:33 Our MXC Community, Scammers and Giveaways!
04:19 The M2Pro Miner vs Helium mining
05:35 Use our coupon code to get $50 off your order!
06:18 M2Pro Miner price and setup
07:32 How does this miner make income? Using the app
09:34 Ordering the M2Pro Miner
10:13 The MXC Token & tokenomics
13:40 Withdrawing MXC from your app
14:24 Mining BTC and other coins with the M2Pro
16:30 MXC Token price & potential price target
17:22 M2Pro Miner profitability review

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Diego Glovanni says:

Elon musk is the richest man, I don't know who needs to hear this, you've got stop saving money, invest some part of it, if you want financial freedom.

Alberto Saucedo says:

Hi, Vosk keep doing the good job

Kar Gen says:

How to join Vosk community or discord?

amarstar86 says:

Before buying, does any one if I can run Helium and MXC miners in same house?

Dave M says:

Vosk seems to babble a lot more than he used to in his videos. Sometimes, less words is more.

Y X says:

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fatdaddytre says:

Hey Vosk,
As an M2Pro owner I don't think you really did it justice. I think it's great you want to look into it further. It is in fact multi token. MXC,DHX,BTC, rumors of DOT and more to come. The MXC Foundation is always listening to us owners on our opinions. We are able to reach out to Devs, etc right through Telegram. Next with the staking in app it's an option, you can do flex to grab them anytime you desire. The DHX token is a bit complicated but we were able to premine which made many owners a lot of money. And now we are able to further capitalize on those gains as the miner/app creates more as time goes on. The liquidity pool was just announced and it's in the works. We will be able to have double rewards there. The miner also is going to pay for all the IOT device connections via downlinks manageable in app. Please check out Siwon's AMA here on YouTube. It's really pretty groundbreaking stuff. And yes, it's made for outside, yes it can be used next to HNT ,waterproof, storm proof etc. Drop by the MXC Telegram and owners from all over the world will give you their experience first hand. It is just taking off here in the US and I'm glad to be early!

user not found says:

Seems expensive and complicated. I’ll stick with my helium miners when they get here..sometime this summer lol.

Travis Schaefer says:

Vosk, $3400usd??? The helium is going to overtake this easily.

Matthew Musante says:

Vosk how are you getting all of these different crypto miners? Everything I have found is sold out everywhere or only available for pre-order.

Jon Geist says:

I wish, but no.

JameSmacher says:

Who is that person in the bed?

T B says:

Cool video and good information. But can you tell me if this video was sponsored by them? I've seen this miner come up recently and most seemed sponsored. And the one video that brought up concerns really the one that seems most genuine. It's hard for me to understand the benefits of one "M2 Pro Miner" at ~$3,000 VS. seven "RAK Hotspot Miner v2" in the price range?

Troy Bossard says:

This is 2021 use a cloud mining service like , Genesis mining , Techmachine-Miners , Hash tech etc. don't waste your money buying machines and paying much bill on electric. use a legit could mining services to mine your bitcoins.

Blue Paradise says:

i tried nicehash, whenever i start it my internet dies, i have a wired connection from router, and it kills the connection and the wifi for the house but i prefer Techmachinesminers. very easy and cheaper to us online.

Marans Candy says:

Better be careful. A neighbor will call in a wellness check on you and you’ll be shot by the sheriff. Btw, have you made a video about Nodle cash yet?

FPS-Sergei says:

Awesome to see someone else in the area as big into the crypto scene. Thank you for all the info! Bobcat 300 currently on order

Aydin Güven says:

Hey Vosk, couldn't you show us how to connect the miners? Some kind of step by step guide? possibly via a 2nd channel? I mean, you've already reached 300,000. Therefore it should be faster with a 2nd channel. Oh and all the best for reaching the goal. Good luck and good health.

Biglife360 says:

How much solar are you using ?

AF Marketing says:

Love the consistency in your honesty keep up the good work! Im excited AF for helium and would love to transfer some of those earnings into this if its got solid base to it. Ill keep watching for updates super exciting journey and this channel has been extremely refreshing in these meme-filled times!

hoser hose says:

Sounds scammy. Miner costs little to nothing and they charge that for some unproven alt coin? The only one I'd buy is the one a Vosks garage sale. Plus trading a eth token will eat any profits. Total pass

Pip Koal says:

Does this work in any country?

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