How I Built 6 Passive & Active Income Streams (Passive Income Ideas)

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Passive income is the pinnacle of career and financial success for many. But it can be tough to just get “normal” income, let alone passive income. I share how I create my income streams six different ways, including Youtube revenue.

Passive income usually gets the spotlight, but active income can also be used to generate income streams with low effort and high rewards. Like anything else, things will start off slow and seem irrelevant, but every dollar counts as you grow and build. I give an example of a new income stream I’m building out. It doesn’t seem impressive now, but all my other income streams started the same way.

But as always remember, build a life of happiness and then generate the money to live it. Don’t make money and then try to buy happiness.

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Left the job grind making $200,000+ a year at 27 years old and achieved a net worth of $1,000,000 by my 30th birthday.

I’m a simple surfer who dreamt of chasing waves instead of the paycheck. Saved excessively in my 20s and made a few key investments that allowed me to purchase seven acres of raw land. Instead of hiring a builder, I decided to solo build my own income shipping container home – mortgage free.

I consider myself a fancy and frugal minimalist and now live off expenses of roughly $900 a month. I’m in love with business and entrepreneurship, with my “expertise” being real estate, specifically rentals and land development.

I spend my days growing my property management business, surfing, training Brazilian Jiu jitsu, traveling and learning how to cook new dishes.


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Kai Andrew says:

I love you all!! Thanks for the encouragement and kind words. Let me know what else you'd like to see. Checkout my way on how to manage personal finances here:

Fuki417 says:

Is Real Estate is dividend from REITS?

Lady Sofia Hadid says:

you can take the $40 YouTube pays you and reinvest it on ads for your channel.

Daniel González says:

Oh hai! Nice video you have there! On a similar note; have you heard the talk about " Vidadsmedia Real income "? (search on google)? My cousin had some dealings with them and was impressed by their amazing treatment when they shared their opinion about generating passive income !

AirmaNGonzo says:

Are all your properties in the same city? or do you have them in different cities/states etc? Also, do you manage them all yourself or do you hire a property manager for them? Appreciate the content

doThatGWalk says:

Wow, I love this breakdown. I plan to get my 1st property this year. I gotta get my credit score back up.

Sergio Briones - Millionaire in the Making says:

Cool video brother…we have a similar portfolio

Stevie Hustling Network says:

All I can say is WOW.. Thank you for sharing..

Immature Investing says:

Huge value here, I earn a decent amount from dividends from my $250,000 real estate Fundrise account, I have a video posted on my channel, check it out

iDayDream says:

Would like to know more about how you started that real estate income and how you leveraged it to that point from nothing.

Jeremy Brown says:

Hey Kai- I'm 22 years old and a recent college graduate getting ready to start my professional career. In the long term, I'm looking to diversify my income in a similar fashion (e.g. real estate, rental properties, etc.). I currently dabble in stocks with what I'm able to right now. Can you offer any tips or sage advice as to what moves I should make at this stage in life? Thanks. I look forward to seeing your channel grow!

Kenneth May says:

Very well spoken. Thanks for your knowledge, time to get to work! (Passively;)

brittla200 says:

Great video! It's unique in the sense that you're not making millions on YouTube…yet…but you remind us that we all start somewhere! I also appreciate the analogy of having money on paper. Sometimes I struggle with that. While I challenge others as to why they're saving money in a bank.instead of investing, I just had a struggle with it myself and your analogy shed additional light on the matter. Perfectly timed! Keep up the great work!

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