Is PROPERTY actually PASSIVE income?!

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Is property passive income actually passive?

I’ve been investing in property for 10 years and as a property investor I find it crazy how people think they can not have a job but invest in property. Investing in property IS a job, it is just different to the one you currently have but it is still a job.

I’m met many people who say I want to just have passive income and travel the world but long term that is just not quite as good as it seems.

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Odysseas V says:

I think Commercial will be great opportunity IF and After a 'mini-crush' comes this winter as you can buy cheap (due to less demand in the cooperate world) and when economy starts to pickUp again you can rent high and for long term. Not to even mention that s24 doesn't apply on commercial and you benefit from FRI leases etc as well.

Odysseas V says:

This is Dave "Hi".. 🤣🤣🤣

Frazer Macpherson says:

I’m 16 and I’m loving learning about property investment, any tips on how to get started. Keep up the videos 🙂

Oakie Diaries says:

What an amazing Man!

Jason Evans says:

Cheers Jamie once again for not only property advice but life advice as well , I'll be creating an Instagram account soon enough to contact you on the industry and where I should start

Modest Millennial says:

Everything that makes you money is a job. Youtube for example requires anywhere from 12-18 hours per video to make and keep it consistent every week

polly wells says:

It will be interesting to see how Councils will respond to developers looking to” return to residential “ on Retail properties on High Streets with empty shops and banks ! . Seems like an area we will be looking to do …to run alongside BtL.

L Mia says:

First to comment 🥳 Thank you Jamie for the great explanation 👍FYI you have a big fun of your drawing here

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