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Is it possible to build a real estate portfolio and generate enough rental income for us to retire early and comfortably? In today’s video, I will be outlining my property investing plan and how I plan on funding my early retirement and lifestyle with rental income.

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Zeng Zhao is not a financial adviser and is not providing professional advice in this video. He is providing general information for education and entertainment purposes only.

You should seek independent legal, financial and taxation advice about how the information in this video relates to your circumstances before you make any investment decision. If you act on the information in this video, you and only you will be responsible for the consequences. Zhao Trading and Investments Pty Ltd is not liable for any direct or indirect loss caused by reliance on the information in this video.


Zeng Zhao - Wealth Creation says:

My Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio πŸ‘‰
Build A Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio πŸ‘‰

N .A says:

But Zeng I feel priced out of the market to buy my first property when a 500-600sq meter block starts from 650k around sydney. What hope do I have to buy and build a granny flat or a dual occupancy home. I'll be up to my eyeballs in debt needing at least 1million dollars.

Ron Lal says:

Thank you excellent vedio I have similar goal as you buying in high yield rental areas and yes not in sdyney anytime 😁. Hoping for seven properties interest only to get maximum tax refund. The extra cash to invest elsewhere.

Ray Corcoran says:

Great video Zeng, I have a investment property in Bendigo also and it’s grown like crazy in the last 18 months.. just wish I bought more before Covid!

gayaclav1973 says:

Another great video as usual! Could you share how you choose a cash flow and capital growth property? What factors do you look at?

carbon isotope says:

Great video Zeng. Also what are your thoughts on a 401k.

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